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Lego Party - Lego Block Cake



April 2013


Leah in Nampa, Idaho, USA

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Lego Party

We wanted to include tons of LEGO Themes all at the same time and to do everything we wanted to the party was 3 hours long. 

GAMES:  We have a park near our home so some of the games that needed more space were played there. Each game we played had a LEGO theme.1st theme LEGO Kingdoms-we had giant slingshots and tennis balls and set up targets and did target practice like the catapults in LEGO Kingdoms. We also had inflatable jousting set and took turns jousting.

2nd theme LEGO Star Wars-we had light saber training.We bought mini light sabers from the dollar store and blew up balloons and the boys had to use the force to keep them off the ground.We also did relays with them.The boys got to keep the sabers and they took home a non inflated balloon for playing later.

3rd theme LEGO Indiana Jones-I sewed each boy a brown Indiana Jones bag.We set up a scavenger hunt in the park with 12 mini cups full of mini foam pieces cut in rectangular shapes in 12 different colors. The boys had to hunt for the hidden cups in the park and collect 1 foam rectangle of each color and bring it back in their Indiana Jones bag. We went back to our backyard and while I got the food and table ready the boys played

4th theme LEGO Pirates- I filled 2 plastic bins with sand and put 10 assorted Lego pieces in each. Then 2 boys raced each other and the clock to see which boy could find all 12 Lego pieces fastest. Each boy got a pirate necklace,and had lots of dirty fun. We re-hid them for each set of boys to compete.The boys then had to show me 12 colored foam bricks saved from the scavenger hunt before entering the house. We washed and sanitized the boys before food.

DECORATIONS/FOOD: We set the table with a dark green tablecloth. Had red square plates, yellow paper cups and blue rectangle napkins.The table had assorted sizes of foam rectangles on the table like confetti decorations.At each boys place setting was a yellow bag with a minikit to assemble before we ate.It was a project to do while each boy got washed up.We ate square pizza from a pizza place in town that makes square not round pizza, we ate vegetables, square crackers, and square cheese. The boys ate the nutritious stuff too since it was something they could assemble like Lego and eat.

CAKE:  We ate cake, which was shaped like a LEGO block. A 2 layer rectangle cake (11x14 cut in half and put on top of each other) with 6 cupcakes on top to make it look like a LEGO block. I iced the LEGO cake white, then used the spray color to lightly color it since making a red iced LEGO brick cake is just too much food coloring to eat. Then my son unwrapped presents, and I always take a picture of each boy with my son with the gift he was giving so that we remember who gave him which present. The kids feel pretty special when the thank you notes we send have the picture of them holding gift and the big smile in the picture of my son who loved receiving their gift.

ACTIVITIES: After unwrapping, we went back outside for 5th theme LEGO Mining-we put tons of polished agates found in craft stores on the patio table.I made mini bags about 2 x 8" with draw strings on top for the boys to fill up with rocks. What boy doesn't like rocks? They got to take them home. They actually spent a lot of time picking out the perfect rocks to treasure. While they filled their agate bags I was able to clean up the food and put gifts away so that gifts would not continue to be the focus of the party. The boys gathered up all their things in their Indiana Jones bags and we moved the party to the front yard. We had 6th theme LEGO Racers- the LEGO mini kits we gave each boy to assemble at the table just before eating pizza were mini cars.

We set up a plywood ramp in our front yard in the driveway and the boys took turns racing the LEGO cars down the ramp. Some needed reassembled if they crashed off the edge of the plywood but re-building LEGO is part of the fun. For the last activity before the parents came to get the boys was 7th theme LEGO Indiana Jones again. I made individual crystal skull pinatas and filled them with candy and each boy got to break their own skull pinata on the front driveway anyway they wanted to and got to keep all the candy of their individual pinata. It was a paper mess to sweep up but they had a great time smashing them. The skull pinatas were formed by putting a plastic bag over a 6" Halloween skull. I used paper mache over the top leaving the bottom open so I could get it off each one. It took 1 full day to make and dry each skull. I paper mached a flat bottom on them leaving an opening to fill it up and sprayed each skull with pearl white spray paint so they shimmered and 'glowed'. The boys loved loved loved them! It was worth the work when 1 boy didn't want to smash his because it was so awesome!

PARTY FAVORS: They put all their candy in their Indiana Jones bags that had their balloons, light sabers, pirate necklaces, mini kit cars, agates in a bag and went home from "the best LEGO birthday party ever.""

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