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Lego Party (4-8yr) Lego Rewards



November 2008


Bibliobethica in Blair, Nebraska, USA

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Lego Party

This party was for my four-year-old and my eight-year-old.  They have the same birthday and didn't mind sharing their party.  Some of the games/crafts were just for the preschoolers and some just for the second graders.  

Invitations:  Print pictures of Lego Batman, Lego Luke Skywalker, and Lego Indiana Jones.  Cut the 12 X 12 scrapbook Lego paper into rectangles.  Glue on the Lego guys and a white cardstock with all the party information.   

Decorations:  Nametags   simple name tags with different colored Lego stickers or a cut Lego from Lego scrapbook paper on the tag.  We had 16 boys (4 preschoolers and 12 8 -yr olds).  Each boy had either a blue or yellow sticker (groups of 8) and he also had a black, green, red, or purple (groups of 4).    This made it very easy to divide them into groups for games.  I also used the cake mold and pour plaster of paris into it.  Once it hardened, I popped it out and painted the structure.  This was done several times (Plaster of Paris is cheap) to create Lego centerpieces. 

1) Lego Rewards -Each boy earns Legos as prizes throughout the party.  I pulled out all the yellow Legos and used them for the prize Legos.  They got them for coming on time, winning games, playing nicely, listening to the Brickmaster, etc.  Near the end of the party, our last game was to build a tower with their yellow legos.  Tallest tower is the big winner!   

2) Tournament Lego tic-tac-toe on a sheet of paper with the tic-tac-toe grid drawn or printed.  Use Legos (one color per player) and play in pairs.  Use a blank, single elimination tournament chart to determine the big winner.  To make this less competitive, give each boy a list of all the kids at the party.  After you play someone, cross his or her name off the list.  Play until you've played everyone without keeping track of wins and loses. 

3) Lego in the Putty  You can buy a container of Thera-putty for about $3.00 (  We used the red (soft).  There are recipes online, but I've never had much luck with the homemade. 

4) Lego Obstacle cours each child selects a Lego guy and a Wikistick or Bendaroo to use as his rope.  He takes them through the mini-obstacle course (through a paper towel holder, up and down spice holder stairs, pick up Legoman with plastic tweezers, carry Legoman on spoon, put Legoman in an empty milk carton that has a hole cut in the bottom  shake until Legoman falls out, slide down a toy slide, etc.)  End this game at a chair.  The boys can swing their guy onto the chair on the wikistick or Bendaroo and leave their guy hanging.  This was a big hit! 

5) Drop the Lego in the jar  test this ahead of time to be sure that the mouth of the jar isn't too small or too big for the age of the children. 

6) See if You Can . . . Balance the Lego on the back of your hand, throw the Lego up and clap and catch the Lego, solicit ideas from children.  Do this short game before Brickmaster Says to give them ideas. 

7) Brickmaster Says (like Simon Says) 

8) Guess Who has the Lego.  Sit in a circle, one child in the middle hides his eyes, pass Lego around circle until music stops, all hid hands, child in middle guesses who has the Lego. 

9) Lego Scavenger Hu using the Lego board game, hid small Lego card and pieces to build the structure around the house.  Number them and provide clues to where the next one is hidden.  This could be done as one group if there are 10 or less boys, but I'd suggest having two groups going  hide separate bags for each group.   

10) Duplo Little Forest Counting Board Game.  Perfect for a small group (2-4) of preschoolers.  Players build stacks of Lego Duplo blocks to reach berries. First one to return to the start space with the required number of blocks, wins. Three ways to play using counting, addition or subtraction.  

Activities:   Lego your name.  Pre-cut the L's from the Lego scrapbook pages.  Kids (or parent) write their name in large letters on black paper.  Using a glue stick, glue the Legos over the pencil marks creating the child's name in Legos.  Lego bookmarks -Make with Lego stickers and Lego cardstock.  The kids at our party were in second grade and they use bookmarks.  I'd skip this for younger kids. 

Favors:  Buy a Lego Advent Calendar ($30) and put one day in each child's treat bag.  The calendar is from Lego City, so it's not just winter/Christmas toys.   Also include Lego Fruit Snacks, Lego Sweet-tart Candy.  I put it all in a bag with a Lego sticker and the child's name.  We stuck in the bookmark/Lego name craft. 

Cake  Buy the Lego cake mold from  I made the cake, frosted it green, and served it with ice cream.

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