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Lego Party 9yr - Lego Relay & Lego Towers



February 2010


Suzie in Layton, Utah, USA

February 2010 Winner

Lego Party

I love to put on big parties and when my son said he wanted a LEGO party, I was way excited. 

First, the INVITATIONS: I used the large lego blocks (Duplos) for this.  We made little walls by putting a longer one on bottom (2x4), then two square ones on top (2x2), then a long one, then 2 more squares.  I made sure to build them with the colors scattered to make it look better.  I used a sharpie to write on one side: Come build some fun with _______(son's name) at his 9th birthday party!.  On the other side I put:"Sat. Feb. 20th at 12:00p.m. It will knock your blocks off!" Then we broke up the pieces and put them in a envelope large enough to hold them.  Then I found a lego font online and typed "Some assembly required" cut it out and put it on the front of the envelope.  Next

DECORATIONS:  Talk about easy and cheap.  Primary colors- red blue yellow and also green and some orange.  I got streamers in all colors and put them up all over going from the kitchen chandelier out to all walls and from the family room fan out to the walls.  I found a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner at dollar tree that was in primary colors and in block letters which was perfect.  I had two tables set up- one for eating and one for some of the games.  I got a blue tablecloth for the eating table yellow cups green plates red utensils and napkins primary colored blowouts and had a couple lego creations of my sons for the centerpieces. I used just plain construction paper and used a cup to trace 4 black circles on each one then wrote LEGO inside each circle making it look like a giant lego brick.  I made them in all the basic colors and put them up all over the house.  Red tablecloth for the game table. My son made a big poster in block letters saying "Welcome to my party!".  We put it on the front door along with some of the construction paper lego bricks. 

Next get the FOOD ready: I am a little weird and really like to follow a theme.  I tried to have everything square to be like lego bricks. We got square pizzas from Little Ceasars which looked just like lego bricks with the pepperoni pieces. Cheese-its square pretzels Sun chips rice crispie treats starbursts and candy blocks that look just like legos from a local grocer's bulk candy section. I also made jello in a cake mold from Legoland that looks like the square lego bricks.  I made them in red blue and green.  The kids were amazed and kept asking how I made them. I'm sure if you didn't have the mold you could just make jello cut into cubes.  I also had red and blue punch to choose from.

Then GAMES:  Before they arrived I had my son build two identical "mini kits" out of his legos.  In the lego video games they collect pieces of mini kits to put together.  When the boys arrived I told them they needed to complete 8 different levels and after each level is completed successfully they would get another piece to their mini kit.  I showed them what it would look like and had taken the other one apart. When they finished their mini kit they would be able to unlock a secret level.  I had my son split the boys into two teams and they made up team names.  Then we played the first game: lego drop- a relay race first putting a brick under their chin and running over to drop it into a cup then each person has to do it from a chair.  When everyone was done they got a mini-kit piece.

Next building and destroying towers.  I had a huge tub of large legos which I dumped out and separated into two groups.  I gave the boys about 5 minutes or so to build a strong tower or structure in their teams. They worked together very well and were very inventive.  Then I gave each team a ball (a juggling ball- not too heavy) and they took turns throwing it at each others' towers from a line- trying to destroy them. It took quite a while and they loved it.  Another kit piece. I blew up primary colored balloons and tied strings to each one then tied them to the boy's ankles. The mini kit piece was inside one of the balloons.  They ran around trying to pop each other's balloons and keeping theirs safe.  We played it twice- loved this game.   Next mystery build.  We gave each boy a piece of paper written with something to build (a jail spongebob airplane UFO etc.)they had time to  build them then guess what each other built. Mini kit piece. Next take a food break.  I first put a scoop of the candy blocks on each boy's plate and had them build something creative  (you can really build with them!) while I set out the food. Mini-kit piece.

Next I had them go to the other table where I had laid out various legos found at thrift stores- you can also buy the basic builders set at walmart.  I gave each boy a sticky hand found at dollar stores and told them to slap at the table and pick up as many legos as they could.  Hilarious! Mini kit piece. Next lego spoon relay running around the house up and down a few stairs with the legos on spoon in teams. Mini kit piece.  Last build a car.  I had bought enough sets of wheel sets off ebay for each kid.  Then let them use the bulk legos to build a car- loved this.  Last mini kit piece.  They then put together the kit and I unlocked the secret level which was going into the basement where my husband built a huge racing ramp out of 8x8 sheets of heavy cardboard given free from Lowes. My son had even decorated it with paint and markers (The "toxic zone" with a jump etc.).  What fun! They were there forever laughing when they were destroyed etc.  They kept going upstairs to rebuild revamp etc. After FINALLY pulling them away from the ramp we ate cake.  I made huge lego blocks out of cake square rectangle small rectangle on top of the huge rectangle covered in brightly colored fondant (homemade marshmallow fondant is awesome) and covered two iced oreos with fondant to be the knobs on the blocks. They even had square ice cream sandwiches (Fat Boys).  Opened presents at the end! 

I filled each FAVOR BAG with their sticky hands baggies of block candies starbursts jolly ranchers (rectangles) their blow outs and they got to keep their cars they made. They boys actually stayed after for quite a while racing cars again and playing different lego games on the Wii.  It was a ton of fun- crazy fun but great. "

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