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Splish Splash Luau Bash 4yr - Hawaiian Bash



August 2002


Kelley in Mount Vernon, WA, USA

Special Mention

Tropical Hawaiian Luau

When I began searching for an party theme that would entertain my soon-to-be four-years-young daughter and her adorable, yet rowdy, pack of pre-school pals (6mths to 7years)while also giving parents and family members a chance to socialize, I though all hope was lost!   Then,I took my daughter to "Lilo and Stitch" and her instant obsession with hula dancing gave me the perfect theme for an outdoor party that would provide hours of entertainment for young and old like. 

Let's begin with our INVITATIONS:  Using my scrapbooking skills, I created a package-like card that featured a computer-altered photograph of my daughter in her cute, lil' bikini on a background of Hawaiian flowers, along with our official party title-- "{Child's Name} SPLISH SPLASH HAWAIIAN LUAU BASH!"  When opened, guests discovered a miniature plastic baggie filled with sand and tropical confetti, a little felt 'towel' with RSVP info, a paper 'sun' with the menu, another computer-altered photo of my daughter (this time with her best friend, standing on a Hawaiian beach with the caption "All friends and family welcome on this special day."), a paper 'beach ball' asking guest to bring sunscreen and towels, and, finally, the date, time, and place of the event. 

My next task was the DECORATIONS:  Using simple cardboard boxes and cheap paint,  I created a border for our un-fenced yard by cutting out hibiscus shaped flowers, painting them brightly, attaching them to bamboo stakes, then running twine from stake to stake.  This gave the children clear bound-  aries and made it easier for the adults to enjoy themselves.  Next, I made three signs from the cardboard First, a large 'ALOHA' flanked by flowers that we hung on the front of the house; second, a bamboo-look sign  point-   ing the way to '{Child's Name} Paradise'; third, another bamboo-look sign proclaiming 'Happy Birthday' in Hawaiian (go to Google, search for Hawaiian names.) Then came three extra-large 'surfboards' that my daughter painted herself. Things are starting to look good by now. 

Next, we erected a PVC pipe canopy (instructions can be found at  that we had used for previous barbecues, adding decorative garlands purchased at  Tables were draped in Hawaiian shirting fabric from the local fabric store and white muslin from Wal-Mart down the center of each table, I ran a swirl of sand, seashells, and, as a final touch, nasturtiums floating in votive candle holders. Looking darn good, now!  We then added an inflatable parrot to the top of a tree, a couple of inflatable palm trees, and some piles of coconuts, pineapples, and other tropicalfruits to finish things off. 

Now, it's time for the FOOD:  Think standard BBQ with a Hawaiian flair.  Hot dogs, burgers, chicken, along with veggie kabobs, potato salad, black bean salad, pasta salad, and a huge assortment of fresh fruit filled everyone's tummies…adding festive umbrellas to frozen drink concoctions delighted all ages and a pool-themed cake from the bst bakery in town finished everyone off! 

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES:  A large inflatable pool, a slip-n-slide (the tropical limbo version, of course!) and a sprinkler was all that was really necessary to keep the kids in seventh heaven but we added some games anyway.  First, all guests were greeted with a lei and a name tag featuring their name translated into Hawaiian the adults got quite a kick out of their name's while the kid's just wanted to ht the pool.  We then gave each kid a spray bottle (97 cents at good. Old Wal-Mart and a better alternative than water guns!) that we decoratively painted with their names (to avoid fighting later!) 

After some pool time and a late lunch,  we all went 'fishing' more cardboard painted with a underwater scene (my little brother)concealed my friend, the 'fish', who had a spray bottle and would randomly 'splash' the fisher.  Kids received their prizes and then ran to but them in their favor bags (see below) this allowed the game to flow nicely.  We then played 'Pin the coconut on the palm tree'.  Then, water balloons parents and kids loved this!!!  After all of this, the kids simply frolicked in the pool toys until their parents were ready to leave! 

A party's not a party without FAVOR BAGS:  Using my computer again, I scanned in a cards from my daughter's Go Fish deck, featuring Ollie Octopus, Angela Angelfish, etc.  I then added a caption bubble in which I inserted sayings such as "Nick is neat!", "Patty is Perfect!", "Courtney is Cool!"  After printing these out, I glued them to colored lunch bags Very personal and very cute!  The bags were strung on a low clothes line so the kids could add their prizes as they received them Novelties included beach balls, floating rings, inflatable monkeys, hula teddy bears,  bubbles and candy! 

Some MISC. notes:  1) Our party was at the end of summer which gave us plenty of time to search for end-of-the-season sales For example, the beachballs that were originally $1.99 at Target were purchased at 90% off, allowing me to buy the 20 I needed. 

2) Don't be afraid to make your own decorations you'll be surprised by how talented you really are and pleased wit the savings! 

3) Our daughter loved this party because she was very involved in the planning of it kids come first! 

4) Ask people to help I'm always surprised by how eager guests are to participate in the 'work' of a party! 

5) Have fun and everyone else will too!

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