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Hawaiin Resort 6yr - Green Screen Video



October 2008


Denise in Macungie, PA USA

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Tropical Hawaiian Luau

For my daughters 6th birthday we decided on a Hawaiian theme with a subtle sub-theme of High School Musical 2. We never mentioned high school musical but followed the theme of the kids working at a resort, used one song from it too.

The invitations were printed on paper bordered with brightly colored Hawaiian flowers.  It read:  Aloha  Your name in Hawaiian is__________. (We found their Hawaiian name online through a Hawaiian name converter website).  Please hula dance over to (Daughters name) 6th birthday celebration! Then all the party details (date, time 2 1/2 hour party, our address, Rsvp info, dinner and dessert served) at the bottom we invited the parents back at 6:45 for some entertainment!

When the 9 girls arrived they were greeted in Hawaiian fashion with a lei and aloha.  We gathered the girls and the party began in our screened in porch.  I explained to the girls that we were working at a resort Mount Lupi (my daughters name in Hawaiian) in Hawaii and throughout the party they were going to help get the resort ready to open. 

First we needed to do an ice breaker so the girls could get to know each other.  So being that we were in Hawaii I told them that it was really hot here and in order for guests to want to come to our resort we were going to have to BREAK THE HEAT"  we could do this by getting to know each other.  I had a thermometer on the wall made out of a palm tree decoration.  There were temperature readings on it that went from 150F degrees to 80F degrees our ideal temperature.  I asked the girls a question and they had to go around the room ask the other girls questions and then come back to our circle.  When at least 3 girls had a correct answer we would cool things off and bring the temperature down.  Example:  Who has a sister?  Who has a pet cat?  Who is 6 years old?  Who had a summer birthday?  Whose name begins with a vowel?  I asked each question separately they came back knowing which girl had a sister etc.  It was a great time getting to know each other.  When we brought the temp down enough we decided to move on.

Each girl received a hula skirt and hibiscus flower for playing that game that they could take home at the end of the party.  Entertainment is always important at a resort so we went into our finished basement that was set up for the next part of the party.  My husband had set up a green screen and I had previously picked out back ground images that my husband would edit after the girls danced in front of the green screen and we video taped it.  We used the song humuhumunukunukuapua'a from High School musical 2.  It had a Hawaiian feel to it.  The images I picked out for them to dance in front of were (palm tree beach scene tiki's volcano underwater scene with fish).  When the girls were dancing they had no idea that later when they saw the video that they would look like they were at the beach underwater etc. 

After planning our entertainment we talked about what would be good food to serve at the resort.  I think they could smell the hot dogs cooking because they all said hot dogs:)  We also had Mac and Cheese in the shape of little flowers and pineapple. While they were finishing dinner if they wanted a hibiscus flower tattoo we put them on the girls arms.  

After dinner we said that at  this resort we need activites for the guests so we had some outdoor activites planned for the girls to try out and see what they thought the guests might like.  We did a humuhumunuku ball kick.  We had 2 teams and the girls had to kick oversized balls through large hoops  down the yard as a race.  Then we had brightly colored sacks that matched the hibiscus flowers in the leis and did the aloha hop. 

First it started as sack races but the girls seemed to prefer just hopping around the yard.  It started to rain so we moved indoors to do a limbo.  We used a Hawaiian looking jump rope for the limbo stick. 

We then did a freeze dance to Hawaiian music.  We had to freeze like something you might find in Hawaii.  The girls were creative and froze like palm trees shells pineapples flowers etc.  It was time for dessert so the resort decided that we would have a build your own ice cream sundae with all the toppings you could think of. 

While they were finishing up dessert the parents started to arrive for the entertainment.  My husband had finished editing the video the girls had made.  It was a 3 minute video and then he added our digital pictures of the party to the end of the video and the girls all enjoyed watching themselves hula and swim to the great finished video and all the exciting backgrounds.  The parents were just as excited as the kids were watching it.  We ended up watching it twice. 

The favors were the hula skirts flower hair clip Hawaiian looking jump ropes.  As a thank you we also sent out a copy of the music video on DVD to each girl.  This party was definitely a success and months later I still hear the kids talking about it.  "

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