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Murder Mystery -12yr- Magnifying Class Cake



May 2005


Julie in Ballwin, Mo USA

Honorable Mention

Mystery Party

For my 12th birthday party I decided to have a murder mystery. It was the Mystery of the Missing Milkman.

Invitations were typed up in a spooky print. They said "you are a suspect at (name)'s 12th birthday, the mystery of the missing milkman! Scene of Crime: (address) Time: and Date: Detective Kit: Sleeping bag, toothbrush, and pillow." We put the invitation in big yellow envelopes and stencled "confidential" on them in big, red, letters. When everyone RSVP'd i gave them their character descriptions. There was farmer lee a hillbilly, Mrs. Milk the ritch milkman's boyfriend, Mrs Silk who was Mrs. Milk's best friend who dated the soymilkman and keeps steeling her best friend's boyfriends, the maid who was loyal to Mrs. Milk and Silk, The fortune teller Madame tortelini, and George who was the stupid one. Everyone came dressed and acting like their character.

As guests arrived they were given a slip of paper that said something they had to do during dinner. (They couldn't show the paper to anyone)Then we had a fancy dinner. The phone "rang" and my dad the butler said it was for george. THis was George's dinner activity. He pretended to talk on the phone and he was talking about his catfood business failing because his best customer's 13 cats died. The maid dropped her spoon and said "i didn't mean to! I didn't mean to do it!" Madame Tortelini kept picking cat hairs off her. Farmer Lee was talking about his pinewood box making business. Mrs. Milk kept saying "give me more milk! i'd KILL for milk!"

Everyone wrote down their clues on notepads with gel pens, but the trick part was you never knew if something was a clue or not. My stepsister and her boyfriend were the silly investigators. They said the milkman was murdered at 3:01pm. After dinner we went on a hunt for clues. Something was a clue if it had a thumbprint on it. The clues were a pasta stirrer, a hairball, A delivery schedule (it said all the characters and when their milk was delivered. Madame tortelini's milk was recieved at 3pm) and a reciept from Farmer Lee's pinewood box business that said someone purchased a pet casket. When we found 4 clues we went to my stepmom and she told us where the last clue was.

It was a riddle and it said "PALM IS RED, MILKMAN'S DEAD" and something about a sourpuss. Then we had to write down who we thought it was and why. They drew from a hat the people's names that got it right and that person won a prize. It ended up being madame tortelini (pasta stirrer, palm is READ/RED) she was picking off cat hairs which showed she had cats. Her 13 cats died because the milkman sold her sour milk (3:00 delivery, sourpuss) so she killed him.

Then we changed into our PJ's. The cake was a magnifying glass. You can make it by icing a circular cake white with a black border and sticking a pretzel rod in it for a handle. I made up many games like "Who Am I" where there are clues about famous people and you try and guess them. We also played Laser's and Jewels where you had to crawl over an obsticle course and could touch nothing but the ground.

The reward at the end were the jewels. (ring pops) Last but not least we played marshmellow theif. You draw D, T, or S out of a hat. D=detective, T=thief, and S=suspect. The detective goes out of the room and the thief shoves a marshmellow in his mouth. The suspects must act like they have a marshmellow in their mouth. The detective goes around and asks everyone if they are a thief and they must respond "No!" The detective gets a point if he guesses the correct thief, the suspect gets a point if the detective thought they were a thief, and the thief gets a point if the detective thought he was innocent. We ended the night off with a good mystery movie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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