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Mystery Party -10yr- Hollywood Murder



February 2008


Robin in Rogers, AR United States

Honorable Mention

Mystery Party

For my step-daughter's 10th birthday party she decided on a Hollywood Murder Mystery. 

INVITATIONS: We created the invitations around a story about Jesse McCartney" being found dead and the(party guest) may be a suspect and must return to the scene of the crime gold & black stars a red carpet was layed out at the entrance.  The plates and plastic ware were also gold & black.  

PARTY FAVOR: For her party favor I created a CD with popular music mostly from Radio Disney.  I designed a "film strip" with pictures of the birthday girl from ages 1-10 for the CD cover.  

ACTIVITY: When the guest (each dressed as their own celebrity choice) arrived paparazzi took pictures of them walking the red carpet and we also had a back drop area of sparkling paper and stars where we took pictures of the kids.  We printed out the paparazzi pictures during the party so the guest could take home with them.  The celebrities mingled for awhile over drinks and snacks and then the FBI Agent (my husband) announced that they were each a suspect in the murder of Jesse McCartney.  We played the game very similar to the board game "CLUE".  

GAME: I went with 6 suspects 6 weapons & 6 rooms.  I had a list of weapons like a guitar microphone studded belt…etc.  And then a list of the different rooms in the house.  The suspects were just listed as numbers to start.  The goal was to find out who the killer was what weapon and in what room.  Here's how I worked the clues.  The clues were riddle clues in which the answer was an object of something in the house.  For example: Your parents may have seen me in black or white.  The answer is a TV. 

And then on the tv would be a small piece of paper that would give a clue to the murder.  For example:  It was not the microphone.  I made up "clue cards" that list suspects 1-6 each of the weapon choices and each of the room choices.  Once they found a clue they would mark off the choice.  What ever was left unmarked at the end was the who what and where.  Just like the real clue game.  To determine who the suspects 1-6 would be I had the kids draw from a cup.  They either got a "you are suspect #1" or "you are a party guest" card. 

We filled in the suspect names on our clue cards with whomever pulled the suspect cards. All the riddle clues were already typed onto their clue cards.  I put them in different order so they wouldn't all be working on the same clue at once and I also had several different age groups so I used easier clues for the younger kids and harder clues for the older kids.  They would read a riddle clue once they solved it they would find that object in the house and read the "clue" and mark it off their clue card.  I found a website with Riddle Me software that made it very easy.  I had to purchase it but it was totally worth it. 

You just let the software know what objects you have in your home and it will create the riddle clues for you!  You can also select different age groups so that helped me make the different levels for the different age groups I had at the party. Everyone played whether they were a suspect or party guest.  Whome ever solved the mystery first was the winner.  We gave them a gift card to Wal*Mart.  We also make a display out of which suspect ended up being the killer.  Our FBI Agent hand cuffed him and we took mug shots.  After the game the kids enjoyed dancing to the CD favor we had made. 

This party was a hit on 2 accounts.  1. The kids really enjoyed dressing up as their favorite celebrity and the spectacle we made with the red carpet and playing paparazzi.  2.  The "clue game" was a mega hit!  Took A LOT of planning and set up but I huge success.  "

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