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Secret Agent Party -9yr- Mystery Gift



January 2002


Tanya in Littleton, CO  USA

Honorable Mention

Mystery Party

Secret Agent Party for my nine year old son; Invitations: Mini file folders with 'Agent: Kid's name' on the outside.  Inside was a top sheet that said 'Top Secret' and 'Confidential' in red lettering, then the next sheet had the party details asking the agents to use the code word "D-A-N-G-E-R" to enter and telling them the sheet would self-destruct.  Decorations: 'Caution' tape and black streamers.  We even strung it on two kitchen doorways so the kids couldn't see inside for the mystery lunch; footprints inside leading to the coffee table for presents; chalk outlines of my son outside in different murder poses; cut out magnifying glasses. 

Table setting: Tablecloth -- I bought a white plastic tablecloth and let the kids decorate it with permanent marker (sunglasses, mystery, detective, 007, agent, eyes, etc.) Plates -- we decorated them with stickers listing some of same words above & question marks; black forks & spoons, white napkins, cups. Also black & white balloons. Cake: three kinds of cake (white, yellow & chocolate) cut into pieces to make a question mark and frosted in chocolate.  Mystery cake, they didn't know what they'd get.  They just asked for a section. 

Games: "Is Sherlock Home?"  Agents draw slips out of a hat.  One is "AGENT" or detective to solve the murder.  One is "Dagger" or murderer.  Others are agents of which one is murdered by being tapped on the neck while everyone has their eyes closed.  Detective can ask questions to solve the murder.  He can only ask two people if they are the murderer.  Everyone has to tell the truth but the murderer, unless murderer is asked if he/she is the murderer.  Keep playing till murderer is guessed. 

Next game: "Flashlight tag" - divide into teams.  Everyone on the team that is "it" needs to tag everyone on another team.  Have a very dark area where kids can hide a little.  Rotate till all teams have had a chance to be it. 

Meanwhile prepare the Mystery lunch:  Develop a menu that consists of things like "Slippery snakes" (spaghetti), "Rabbit food" (carrots), "Brown Cow"(choc milk), "Pitch"(Fork), "Folded stainer"(Napkin), etc.  Have kids choose six or seven items (I had 14 total items). Then you serve them exactly what they ordered.  Sometimes they may not get a plate or fork to eat with.  It's a great game for lunch.  You go over the menu after you've served them and they tell you what everything is.  Then they can round out the meal with whatever else they need. 

Next: Search for the cake game:  Hide clues around the house and make them search for each clue (Example: Chickens do make them, be careful don't break them, go look and be bold, where it's chilly and cold).  Then they guess eggs and look in the refrigerator for the next clue and so on.  On the back of each clue slip write a letter.  Once all clues are found, the letters on the back are unscrambled to lead them to where the cake is.  Serve cake and ice cream.

Another game:  Mystery gift game:  Wrap enough presents for each guest (3, 4, or 5 times).  Pass gifts around to music.  Stop the music and have kids unwrap one layer.  When the gift is revealed they get to keep that gift. I was also going to do fingerprinting on index cards but we ran out of time.  Send the kids home with manila envelopes with their AGENT names on the outside and "TOP SECRET".  Inside: pencils, sm writing pad, lollipop, sm squirt gun, etc.  It was a blast!!

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