Idea No.


New Detective -Top Secret, Confidential Invite



March 2002


Kelly in Oswego Illinois USA

Honorable Mention

Mystery Party

New Detective Party: We have started a tradition in our family of four sons Third grade detective party. We start out by sending invitations with a secret code message on it. I use the method of A=1, B=2, C=3, And a fun invite like "You have been selected to join us as we embarked on a secret mission"  We then put the invitations in a small manila envelope covered in labels such as: Top Secret, Confidential, and highly classified information.

The guests are encouraged to wear a detective costume such as oversized slacks, dress shirt, big tie and suspenders. Some have even gone as far as to wear a brown floppy men's hat and trenchcoat. My older son and husband dresses as a 1920's gangster.

At the party we have a homemade cake with sparkler candles wrapped with candle wick to look like mini bombs and  lots of sprinkles. And we play a neighborhood scavenger hunt asking neighbors for various household objects such as an old newspaper or diaper. The winning team receives toy handcuffs. 

The treat bags are great! They are in large manila envelopes with the same features as the invitations. They are appropriately labeled "secret agent detective kit". They include a detective badge that we make ourselves on the computer it has their name on it, we laminate them, and affix a safety pin to the back. We also include a fingerprint kit. This is made on the computer or by hand. They are index size cards with ten squares labeled right thumb , left thumb, right index, etc. We include a washable inkpad and hand wipes, then we put it into a sandwich bag labeled "Secret Agent ---- 's Fingerprint kit".

We also include in the treatbag a small compass, magnifying lens, various candy and snacks. My favorite part is the Funny glasses with big nose and mustache . The kids receive these at the beginning of the party. We take a few group pictures and a picture of each child in their costume and funny glasses. We develop the picture of each of the detectives, attach it to a blank notecard as an adorable keepsake "Thank you" notes. We can do this party for 25 kids under $50.

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