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Mystery Sleepover -9yr- Nancy Drew Favors



March 2004


Tami in Gilbert, AZ, USA

Honorable Mention

Mystery Party

My daughter's 9th birthday is coming up in May and I've started planning early.  This year we are having a "Mystery" sleepover party.  This is the plan:  

The "Bruffey Manor" mystery game ordered from; this game is for ages 9-13 and is an all girl version of Mystery Manor.  This game comes in a 10 player or 11-20 player version.  We plan to host the 10 player game as I can not imagine 11-20 little girls sleeping on the floor!  This also helps in planning the goodie bags as most of the items listed below come in quantities of 12.   - Invitations will be created on the computer in the form of a letter from the Estate Managers (mom & dad) and based upon the description given for the game.  The invitations will be printed on nice stationary and mailed to each person via the USPS.  Once the guests have RSVP'd they will then receive their character packet via the USPS prior to party night.  

Goodie Bags:  These will be given to the girls upon arrival and include the following - The Nancy Drew Book "Slumber Party Secret" ordered from; canvas tote bags, flashlight key chains, binoculars, magnifying glass, cardboard book box, spiral notebook with pen ordered from; for the tote bags I will be creating a "detective" theme on one side using clipart from the computer and iron-on T-Shirt transfers and each bag will have the character name as well; then the cardboard box will be decorated (decoupaged) with clipart geared towards that character's occupation, on the opposite side of the bag I will place the child's real name using glitter fabric paint or glitter glue.  

Character Identification:  So that each child is identified with their character by the other players I have ordered plain white t-shirts from and used iron-on t-shirt transfers with female characters found in one of my clipart programs, the character name and occupation as well as a tag line describing the name of the party and who hosted it (my daughter's name).  These will be distributed upon the child's arrival.  

Decorations:  As this particular party takes place in a supposed haunted house I have ordered the following - ants and horror sounds cd from; cobwebs, glow-in-the-dark spiders, haunted house signs, black silk roses, black plastic table cloths, black plastic plates, black cups, black cutlery, glow-in-the-dark ghost confetti, glow-in-the-dark monster eyes, bat balloons, balloon weights, and ghosts from; treasure chest (in case this is the reason the house is haunted - if it isn't I plan to donate this to my daughter's class at school), black balloons, balloon cups with string, and 5 pounds of assorted candy (to be placed in black balloons, blown with parent air, and given to the girls to break any way they can without using their feet as a game)from; woodgrain corrugated paper (to make a "Bruffey Manor" sign to hang above the front door outside) from; black craft foam from a local craft store to make bats from; one large helium tank from a local party supply store.  I plan to decorate outside using black balloons and bat balloons using the balloon weights.  I then plan to use the remaining items (some balloons included) in our living room and kitchen.  

Party Time:  We will kick off the party and play the mystery game.  Dinner and snacks for the night will include pizza, chips, soda, popcorn, etc.  Breakfast will be pancakes and/or french toast, sausage and/or bacon, milk and juice.  The myster will hopefully be solved that night…if not it continues in the morning.  We also plan to watch movies and play tradition party games.  Last year we did a movie theme party that received an "Honorable Mention" on this site.  The party was a blast and it was an event that all the parents and children remember to this day.  This is the reason I start planning at the start of the new year…we don't want a typical party!

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