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American Girl -7yr- Invite & Bracelet



March 2016 x


Madi in Auburn AL, USA


New Ideas

This party is SO fun! Here is how I would have it.   

INVITATION:  Use a pink striped background for this.  Then find a picture of an American girl on the Internet.  Then write every girl has different feelings.  Then write  where the party will be and when it will happen.  Also write RSVP.  Then add a bracelet with the invitation. 

Then tell your daughter to give it to the friends that she wants to give it to just give it to them personally so then no one's feelings get hurt.    

DECORATIONS: There is not really any decorations because you're not going to really be at home.  If you want you can make your house a little pink.    

ACTIVITIES: When they get to the house I'll let  them get their dolls ready by doing her hair and putting on a nice dress.  Also if you're going to a hotel let them get in a indoor pool or a outdoor pool.    

GAMES:For Games I would do something calming  like hobo hobo Kit.  Look at one of the other birthday party ideas to find how to play this game.    

PARTY SNACKS: For  party snacks I would get Molly's chocolate mousse flowerpots at American girl bistro.    

CAKE: Just eat the flowerpots.

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