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Mocktail Party



February 2016 x


Anna in England


New Ideas

For my 12th birthday party, I had a mocktail party! I had it at my house. 

Preparation: We bought lots of different juices and drinks and we made little recipe cards and wrote different names and ingredients on them. 

Decorations: We bought balloons and streamers (bright colours) and we played a big playlist of my music. 

Plan: I invited about 10 girls to my party. My mum and dad dressed as bartenders with a black shirt and waistcoats, and they made us our mocktail in front of us so we could see how to make it. (We also bought cocktail shakers, coloured straws and stirrers).  

Food: We made little cocktail snacks, such as canapes, battered chicken, cocktail sausages, mini pizzas, tortilla chips and dips and mini potaties. Then of course my birthday cake! 

Entertainment: In the lounge we had just dance 4 on the wii so we could dance and chat. Near to the end of the party, we all decided to go out into my garden and rave like maniacs! (Not too loud though!) 

Party bags: In my party bags I put lip balms, marshmalls, a cool pen, popping candy and some cool rubbers.  I hope you liked this idea!

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