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Famous Literature Costumes - Adult



March 2016 x


Matthew in Spokane, WA, U.S.A.


New Ideas

A costume party themed around great classic or contemporary literature and their most famous lines. People come dressed as either characters from their chosen literature, or as visual representations of their favorite/the most famous lines.    

Decorations, snacks, cake, and favors would follow a similar theme. Having the party On a dark and stormy night" to include some literature tropes snacks that might have been eaten or mentioned in the books drinks themed after Shakespeare plays.    

The games would involve guessing people's favorite lines or books by their costume for a twist on the classic costume contest.

A night of intrigue and who-done-it games based on famous Sherlock Holmes stories or Murder on the Orient Express.

For more adult parties drinking games themed around well known authors and poets famous for their carousing and shenanigans. Even a book exchange can be fun playing on a sort of white elephant idea where people bring new or obscure book related artifacts to be traded and shared.   

The best part of this sort of party is that it can be adjusted to suit any audience. Classic novels plays and poetry for the history and literature geeks. Children's books or favorite young adult novels for kids parties or holiday costume parties. An office party that gets people back into reading or talking about what people are reading right now."

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