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Vampire Night - Teens



April 2016 x


Miranda in Los Angeles, CA, USA


New Ideas

My party plan idea would be to host a Vampire Night In (likely for teens and up). The invitations would be cut in the shape of fangs or decorated to look like vampires.

The decorations would be spiderwebs/gauze, bat cut-outs, and black and red balloons.    

Activities would include pin the fangs on the vampire, bobbing for apples (with or without plastic fangs that you would hand out at the door), and a treasure hunt, with rewards like miniature plastic bats and spiders - should be easy to find at a local party store.    

The snacks would include candy corn (ideally red colored), twizzlers, and other red candies, as well as red-dyed popcorn and salsa-flavored chips to keep the red coloring. There would be red velvet cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes with red icing. There would also be a red velvet cake.

Drinks would be red-colored, like fruit punch, cranberry spritzers, and red sodas.    

Party favors would include the fangs (handed out at the door), and a miniature cape for everyone to wear on entry, which doubles as a possible costume.

Guests would also be encouraged to dress as vampires, with face paint available at the party.  

The lights would be turned low or bulbs swapped out with blacklight or red bulbs, and glow in the dark paint, party favors, and decorations would be used liberally.

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