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Make Parties Great Again - Adult



July 2016 x


Tammy in berryville virginia U.S.A.


New Ideas

With the political theme make America great again" in mind I want to make  parties great again!!   

Invitations could shaped like champagne corks .

Decorations should be bright and joyful lots of red and silvers. Star shaped candles on buffet tables filled with finger foods.

Activities would be positive and group making. Trying to guess who was what in highschool..prom queen or chess club. Seeing winners at guessing getting a gift card.

Party snacks should be impish nuts toasted with coconut oil and  exotic spices.

The cake should be a rich rum spice with coconut icing.

The party favors should be bangles and beads and crowns symbolizes the greatness of friends partying together.

Costumes should be the individual  expression of  a great partier. It is the time to make partying great again!!!"

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