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Raggedy Ann Theme -2yr- Bean Bag Toss



Feb. 2004


Allyson in Lafayette, LA USA


Raggety Ann Party

Raggedy Ann Theme:  For my daughter's second birthday, Raggedy Ann was the theme.  I copied a picture of Raggedy Ann & Andy on the see-saw for the front of the invitation and then on the inside, printed on red and white gingham paper, the party specifics:"Amelia is turning 2; she and Raggedy Ann can't wait to celebrate with you. 

Cake, hot dogs and games, it will be just dandy, a birthday party with you, Raggedy Ann and Andy!"  I ordered plates and napkins from Birthday Express and also got some cute valentine heart plates and napkins for extra.  Red plastic forks and cups were used. 

Decorations:  tables with red gingham tablecloths, heart garland, Raggedy Ann library books standing on tables, Raggedy Ann dolls & pillows I made with fabric from Ebay.  I also colored some pictures of Ann & Andy and taped to windows and had a Raggedy Ann & Andy teaset on one of the kid's tables. 

Games:  I enlarged a picture of raggedy Ann and then painted it to create Pin the Heart on Raggedy Ann game; bought heart stickers & wrote kids names on them to use as pins. 

Clothes pin drop--decoupaged a jar with pictures of Ann & Andy and kids took turns seeing how many clothes pins they could get into the jar. 

Bean Bag Toss--again put pictures of Ann & Andy on Toss Across game; whoever flipped over the most won.  I also had small children's tables with color sheets and colors available for whoever was interested. 

Prizes were Raggedy Ann paint books from Hobby Lobby.  Both of my daughters wore dresses I made with Raggedy Ann & Andy heart fabric from Ebay. 

I sewed the goody bags out of red and white striped fabric (looks like Ann & Andy's stockings) from Hobby Lobby.  Inside the bags were color sheets of Ann & Andy from various internet sites, colors, bubbles and chocolate heart candies I made. 

I also included homemade sugar cookies that I iced and then wrote on:  "Thanks for coming to my party".  I had some extra cookies and these were put out on the tables as well (a big hit and a different way to say thanks). The bags were then tied with heart ribbon and each had a heart tag with the child's name on it-Raggedy (name).

For the cakes, I used the Raggedy Ann cake idea from Birthday Express but modified it some.  Instead of spreading the icing smooth, I used my cake decorating kit and piped it on.  Since this is not a very large cake, I also made a heart shaped cake and wrote I LOVE YOU on it to look like Raggedy Ann's candy heart. 

The party was a huge hit and a good time was had by all

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