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Rescue Hero Party -4yr- Firetruck Visit



Dec 2002


Jennifer in Manlius, New York

Honorable Mention

Rescue Hero

For my son's 4th birthday we had a rescue hero party.  I went to the  Fischer Price website and printed out their rescue hero invitation and  scanned in a picture of my son dressed as a fireman and placed him  next to Billy Blazes.  

As the kids arrived, I gave each a fireman hat  (bought at a local party store) and a name badge that I printed from the  Fischer Price website and laminated.  They sat at a table and colored  on Rescue Hero coloring pages.  We played rescue-rescue-hero (a  form of duck-duck-goose).  I drew a picture of a cat stuck in a tree on a  large sheet of paper.  I printed small Billy Blazes with each child's name  on the bottom (I used Wendy Waters for the girls).  Then the played  rescue the cat from the tree (a form of pin the tail on the donkey).  I  made a firetruck cake. 

The big surprise came next.  I called the local fire  department and they sent a firetruck to the house.  Four firemen also  came and let the kids climb in the truck.  They were great! 

We also  called the police department and they sent two policemen over.  The  kids also got to sit in the police car.  We also had a helicopter fly over  the house (the sheriffs department were out training and had no  problem doing it).  I took lots of pictures and sent them with the thank  you cards. 

After all the excitement, I had each kid try on a real fireman  outfit (borrowed from a friend) and took a picture to send in the thank  you cards.  I was funny watching the kids.  We had to hold them up  because it was so heavy and the boots went all the way up their legs.   As they left, I gave them a goody bag filled with police cars, firetrucks,  and helicopters (bought at a discount store in multipacks), police  badges, pencils, rulers, and safety coloring books (donated by a local  police station).  The firemen gave them lollipops.  All in all, it was a  great birthday party!

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