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Rock Climbing Sleepover -11yr- Caves & Climbing



October 2013


Brooke in Albany, New york, USA


Rock Climbing Party

For my daughters 11th birthday we did a rock climbing sleepover party with three girls. The Party was a HUGE success and would be good for any age.

Invitations- Calling (be sure to say you will be moving around a lot.

Decorations- We hung a banner that said happy birthday and put streamers and balloons in my daughters favorite colors. Then we put Chinese lanterns in every room to give the house a cozy glow.

Party- When the girls arrived they had snacks and soda. Then they placed the bags in their rooms and talked outside.

Next everyone got in the car and we drove to the rock-climbing center. The girls loved this. There were little caves to explore and fake storms. The girls got a lesson and climbed for a while.

There was a snack bar where the girls got sodas, waters, lemonade and snacks in between climbing sessions. I think that some climbed for the fun of it, some to get to caves ect. And some to  just use the ropes to get down. I admit that was super fun. Then we drove home.

At home we had pizza wings and carrots. The girls ate while I set up a scavenger hunt. I made this hard (suggested for older groups) by making the clues super hard and in crazy places. This led them to their favors. Then we did sports. We played predator vs. prey, hunger games, soccer, tennis, tag, capture the flag and flashlight tag. They were super, super tiered when they finished.

They went in side and made s'mores and tell ghost stories by our fireplace. They also did skits. Next they ate cupcakes and watched a movie with popcorn. They set up a nest to sleep in from a blowup mattress, blankets and pillows. The original plan was two on a blow up mattress two on a couch but they wanted to do this. Then they watched a few more movies.

Throughout the party ( well after they got their favors) they took pics with their disposable cameras in their favors. The next morning they had a big breakfast and their parents picked them up. Party snacks- popcorn, pretzels and chips.

Cake- Cupcakes. My older daughter made these. There was chocolate and white cake. For the frosting she died whipped cream green and put chocolate chips on it.

Favors- disposable cameras, bandannas, and flashlights plus candy.    

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