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Rock Climbing Party  -  rock painting



September 2006


Shel in Los Angeles, CA


Rock Climbing Party

For my son's bday I decided to have a rock climbing party at an indoor rock climbing facility. For $25/kid they could climb with a person who is trained to belay them for 2 hours. Expensive but I felt safer that way. They also had a party room that had a good view of all the rock walls and the climbers.  

Invites: Flyer with a picture of play dough type people rock climbing that I found on the internet. One of the people were hanging; so for the headline I put "Come and hang out with us for ______'s birthday!" 

Cake: A local cake store used 2- 8 inch round cake layers to similate kids climbing on a mountain. The icing for the mountain was chocolate but was more dirt colored. The kids climbing on the "mountain" was also adorable. The Happy Birthday greeting was on a chocolate sign on a post. Very cute and got lots compliments. Food: I ordered pizza, spaghetti, chicken fettuccine and salad (for the adults) from a Mom and Pop pizza place that I like and was able to deliver.  For fun I smashed oreos and mixed them with gummy worms 

Decorations: I picked red and blue for the table covers, Happy Birthday sign, and a few strategically placed balloons. The main thing were my rocks with people as centerpieces. I painted several small to medium sized rocks different colors and styles. Then I made people out of pipe cleaners. Once the paint was dry I was able to hot glue gun the people onto the rocks. The rocks could be assembled in groups or just stand alone. The people could be in any position (sitting, climbing, handstands). I also grouped some people together and used clothing line as rope and tied them together. 

After the party I let the kids pick a rock to take home. I then realized some of the adults had fun changing the pipe cleaner people's positions  Most of the kids were busy rock climbing which was really fun for them. Other smaller/hesitant kids were able to paint rocks that they could take home. The facility happened to have a foozball table that was popular with kids and adults. I also had a guessing game of jellybeans in a jar. The headline was "Guess how many rocks"  Goodie bag: I used brown gift bags and filled them with bouncy balls that looked like rocks, climber's light on a carabiner. Plus lots of candy: pop rocks, nerds of different flavors, pop rocks with a lollipop, and jellybeans.

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