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Rock Climbing Party -10yr- Rock Climbing Cake



March 2007


Deni in Austin TX USA


Rock Climbing Party

Rock Climbing party- we had a party for my 10 year old son at a local rock climbing facility.  The gym did most of the work during the party- they climbing for 45 minutes (we also had laser tag and video games included in the package).  Kids ate pizza and cake.   

I made a rock climbing cake that was a real hit.  I made a mountain scene using two 9x12 cakes (one chocolate, one yellow)-- one was the base of the view. The base was tan colored frosting (ready-made store-bought frosting).  Then atop the base, I used the other 9x12 cake (I cut it up in pieces to build a mountain).  Used dowels to attach the pieces to the base and keep it steady.  Colored the mountain gray and tan. 

On one side of the base of the mountain, I added green frosting for grass topped with green sprinkles.  On the other side of the mountain (cliff side), I made an ocean (made candy on the stove and then added food color-- to make the candy, you need a candy thermometer-- 1c. Sugar, 1/2 c. light corn syrup, 1/4 water-- bring to 295 degrees and then add the coloring- allow to cool slightly and then pour the slightly cooled and thick sugar onto nonstick foil-- it hardens as it cools and looks shiny and impressive as a lake/ocean). 

I made little rock climber people using store-bought colored rolled fondant. Used licorice strings to attach to their waists and attached to the top of the mountain.  I decorated the cake with chocolate rocks we bought at a specialty store (candy-coated chocolate that is colored and made to look like little rocks).  It sounds like a lot of work, but it really wasn't too bad- just a lot of little details and made much easier with store-bought ingredients.  Everything on the cake was edible except the little plastic tree I added beside the base.  The kids loved it- very unusual and tasty too! 

For party favors, one rainy weekend, the kids and I made paper mache rocks"- we blew up balloons and covered them in paper mache.  When dry I spray painted "rock" colors (gray with touches of beige).  After they were hard we pressed on the round paper mache balls with our hands to create indentations (and make them look more like rocks and less like balls).  We filled them with chocolate rock candy pop rocks and other candies (sealed in plastic).  Included bouncy balls (looked like rocks) and other little toys. 

We also put confetti inside (SURPRISE!).  Everyone was very curious about these large "rocks" at the party and the kids couldn't wait to open them.    Thank you notes sent included a group picture of the kids (we just used Publisher to make the invitations and added the digital images).  "

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