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Rock Climbing Party - Gym Rock Climb!



October 2008


Cheryl in Wichita, KS USA


Rock Climbing Party

My daughter wanted a rock climbing party at our health club.   

Invitations:  Prior to the party I took a picure of my daughter climbing the rock wall.  I had the pictures printed out and attached to notecards that said, Come hang out with us" and then all of the information.  I also included the waiver form. 

Cake:  I made a large thick rice crispy treat and inserted chocolate rock candy in for the places they grab on to.  I used small black rope licorace to hold the toy "climbers" and had them holding onto the chocolate rock candy.  I did stand this up(with props) and had it attached to a small cake so there could be writing on that part. 

Activity:  While most of the kids were doing the rock wall climbing I had others making "pet rocks".  I had Sharpie Pens pipe cleaner google eyes yarn and glue.     I was afraid some kids might get bored watching while the other kids climbed but they were amazingly patient and watched and cheered the other kids on. 

Goody Bags:   I used white paper bags and included a Clif bar (which has a picture of a climber) rock candy pop rocks and homemade "Rock on" trail mix with M&M's peanuts and raisins.  Then I had a carabiner through a hole in the top of the bag. 

Thank you notes:   I took pictures of all of the kids climbing and had them printed out.  Then I attached their picture onto the same stock cards as the invitations.  It was a cute momento of their climbing experience. 

It was a fun and unique party and the kids got exercise!!  "

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