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Rodeo Cowboy Party -7yr- Cowboy Hat Toss



March, 2000


Dana in Kentwood, LA, USA


Rodeo Party

For my sons 7th birthday party, we had a rodeo/cowboy party. 

I made a cowboy out of plastic bags ( stuffed plastic bags into my sons pants and shirt and put a cowboy hat on him.  This was set up on the porch as a decoration.

For games, I had the cowboy hat toss, the 3-legged cowboy race(use a bandana for the tie), Relay barrel races ( each team races around Barrels or Garage cans), Lasso the Cowboy ( try to rope the cowboy I made)and finally we let everyone have a ride on the horse.

All the kids seemed to have a really good time and still talk about the races.  I made certificates on my computer for the prizes in the games.

For party favors I gave every child a bandana filled with candy. This was a very easy party to put together because we had most of the cowboy stuff.

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