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Rugrats Party -11yr- Dressup Like A Rugrat



December 2000


Teresa in Hannibal, Missouri, USA


Rugrats Party

Rugrats Party  -  For my Daughters 11th Birthday we had a Rugrat's party!

They could dress up like their favorite character, and they played games, then slept over! 

Invitations: Used Internet, to find pictures, and made them a special card. 

Decorations: Pictures of Rugrats, made of Cardboard, used pictures off Internet as a guide! Bright Balloons, and Streamers 

Games: Best Mom Race; ran into the living room, and undressed the baby doll, put on a  new diaper, used wipes and powder, dressed it again, wrapped it in a blanket, and ran back to get the best time.

Also Rugrats Trivia; Made up questions, and used Orange construction paper to go through the living room and find the missing Cynthia Doll! 

Hope this helps!!

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