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Scrapbooking Party -8yr- Scrapbook Cake



May 2003


Beth in New Orleans Louisiana USA


Scrapbook Party

We held a Scrapbooking Party for my daughter who recently turned 8.  We invited five friends so we had a total of six girls participating. 

I purchased inexpensive binders from Office Depot with a clear view cover and used clear page covers to hold their decorated sheets inside. I decorated each binder cover with a blue gingham paper and used sticky letters for their first name. 

At each girls place at the table was a small plastic bowl with stickers, scrapbooking glue, and small scissors along with their binder.  The items in the plastic bowl were added to a favor bag that had two pairs of shaped scissors that they took home. 

The table was decorated with a colorful table cloth and lots of paper shapes for them to use in their books. I also used different shapes hanging from my chandelier with curl ribbon. It really made for a festive table.  Each girl was asked to bring 6-8 photos to use for creating their pages.

I had an extra table set up with supplies that we gave to the girls as they needed them.  We had extra acid free paper, shape scissors, stencils, and stickers.  I showed the girls how to make a page and then they wanted to be on their own for an hour and a half of creative fun.   

For the cake, I used a open book style cake pan and made it look like a scrapbook.  I incorporated my daughter's picture on one side and wrote It's my 8th birthday in icing on the other. 

We all had a great time and now the girls have a scrapbook and supplies so that they can continue on their own!

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