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Journey to Outer Space -5yr- Planetary Bingo



April 2001


Cheri in Oakfield, Tennessee


Space Party

For my son's 5th birthday, we planned a "Journey to Outer Space" party theme: Invitations: With aid from my computer, we came up with invitations with an outer space background and info such as launch site, liftoff time, return to earth, and RSVP to mother ship. 

Decorations: We adorned the walls of our garage with black plastic tarp and decorated with glow in the dark cut outs of stars, moons and planets. I found glow in the dark solar system mobiles which I hung from the ceiling.  We covered the door openings with black crepe paper.  The floors were covered with silver and white balloons.  We also made a spaceship out of cardboard boxes for the kids to play in.  To give that glowing effect, we lit the room with black lights.  Goody Bags: When each child arrived, it was his or her job to make their own goody bag.  I purchased plain black goody bags, gave the kids outer space stickers, glitter pens and metallic markers.  It would be their job to fill their bag throughout the party.  Universe in a Jar: Each child got a baby food jar. They then added star shaped sequins, water, baby oil and blue food coloring (a universe snow globe). 

Moon Rock Hunt: I made moon rocks filled with small trinkets, including little earth pins, balls, glow in the dark objects, and magnets. The rocks were made out of coffee grounds, flour, sand and salt.  The rocks were hidden amidst the balloons and the kids had to find them.  The kids were told to put their rocks in their goody bags and when they got home they could crack the rocks open to find a surprise. 

Pin the Alien in the Spaceship. I made an outer space scene including an empty spaceship on a piece of posterboard.  The kids had to pin the alien cutout I made on the computer in the spaceship.  The child closet to the spaceship won a UFO top (Dollar store), Each other kid got a consolation prize (gum filled rocket ships or glow in the dark space ship top).   

Planetary Bingo: Bingo boards made on computer with planets, aliens, spaceships.  The winner got Star shaped chalk.  Other children got consolation prize of Pop Rocks.

Space Goop Relay: Teams had to fill a cup with space goop (green Jell-O) to fuel their space ship home. Every child got a metallic squirt gun. 

Pass the planet: I purchased enough space theme prizes at the dollar store (planet puzzles, inflatable globes, etc). Each gift was wrapped in blue tissue paper, adorned with star stickers and ribbon.  Old take on musical chairs. One gift is put into circle. When the music stops, the child holding the gift could keep that gift and leave the circle or could keep passing that gift and another gift is added…so and  so on until each child has a gift. 

Letter from Alien Mad Lib: We made up a story asking the kids such questions as their favorite food, favorite game, etc and filled in a letter from an alien who had landed on earth.  Every prize, even consolation prizes were gift wrapped in tissue paper adorned with star stickers so the kids would not know what they were getting until they got home. 

Cake: For the cake, I took the ball cake pan from Wilton and turned it into earth.  Then for each child, I made a cupcake alien surrounding the cake. The Martians invade Earth Cake.  We also served Space Green Punch and each child got to make their own Cosmic Candy (Cotton Candy). Of course we had ice cream with the cake, chips, space gorp (M&Ms, popcorn, pretzels, raisins) and star shaped cheese with crackers. (We learned from last year not to have too much food, the kids are too excited to eat). 

Thank you notes: I purchased disposable camera ($15) and took a shot of each child in the spaceship. This photo was attached to computer generated thank you card from my son. 

When each child left, I threw in extras to loot bags including zots, milky way bars, and starburst candies.  The idea of handing out wrapped goody prizes during the party worked out well because the kids had opening their goody prizes to look forward to on the way home and their was no fighting or crying over prizes.  This filled up a 2 hour period.  I did enlist the help of a close friend to help the kids make their cotton candy.

I also looked into "astronaut food" for prizes, etc. This is quite expensive if you are having a large party like we did (18 kids) so we skipped on that, but it would have been really neat, one pack of astronaut ice cream is 2.00 at local hobby store. The dollar store was my friend this year, tons of planet theme toys.  We spent a lot more than I wanted to but we got carried away. 

This party could be done a lot cheaper if you watch your prizes.  I couldn't pass on the gum filled rocket ships though they were too cute but expensive (6 for $3.00) and the earth pins (6 for $3.00) at local party store.

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