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Space/Astronaut -4yr- Mission to the Moon



July 2005


Connie in Dana Point, CA, USA


Space Party

4-YEAR OLD SPACE/ASTRONAUT PARTY This is my favorite website for ideas. So, I read through a bunch of  other entries before compiling my own. Here's how we celebrated my  son's 4th birthday . . . 

INVITATIONS Its A S.P.A.C.E. Party!  (Spectacular Party with Action, Cake & Entertainment) BLAST OFF TO ASTRONAUT RILEYÆS 4TH BIRTHDAY! Launch Date: Saturday, July 2nd Report for Duty at Lift-Off Time: 1200 hours (12 noon) Return to Earth: 1600 hours (4 pm) Space Station: (Our address) ~ Come Have A Blast ~ RSVP to the Mother Ship by (date): (our phone number) and/or (I created a FREE email address from  Yahoo, like for people to respond to)  (NOTE: Each invitation was mailed to "Astronaut" and the child's name.  Then, I printed NASA return address labels and NASA labels for the  back of the envelopes that read, You are Invited to a S.P.A.C.E. Party!) 

COSTUMES Upon entering our "space station," kids received: \* hats (painters caps (99 cents each) with a NASA logo sticker and  MissionRiley4 on them)  \* shirts (using the iron-on transfers for your printer, I downloaded the  NASA logo, beneath that, it said: Astronaut in Training, and beneath  that, was each child's name. (NOTE: You have to create the image  backwards when you print it, since you flip the transfer to iron it).  \* jet packs (made with with empty boxes and empty water bottles). Just  cover the box in foil, then tape the water bottle upside down (I had a  NASA sticker on the bottle and rocket stickers on each side of the box),  then I taped string to each side of the box so they could put it on like a  backpack. (NOTE: The kids wore their "costumes" all day). 

DECORATIONS \* We had a chalk outline on sidewalk of a rocketship that read,  ASTRONAUTS CHECK-IN THIS WAY  \* Then there was a sign on front door that read - ASTRONAUT  CHECK-IN  \* We had a table at front door with a flag tablecloth and nametags (i.e.,  Commander Bob for the parents) and an ASTRONAUT CHECKLIST for  our Mission Specialist (me) to check the kid's names off from.  \* Me, my husand, and the grandparents all wore white painter's  coveralls with NASA logos taped to the left pocket (these were about $6  at Home Depot), but looked amazing with the NASA painter's hats! 

There was a sign behind the table that read:  Welcome to the Byrnes Space Agency! In preparation for our mission,  we ask that you report to the mission specialist to pick up your jet pack  and uniform. All Astronauts will then enter the shuttle (backyard) in preparation for departure. Lift off time will be 1200 hours (12 noon). Re-entry into earth's atmosphere will take place at approximately 1600  hours (4 pm).á Please enjoy your S.P.A.C.E. (Spectacular Party with  Action, Cake & Entertainment) adventure! 

I ordered an Astronaut-themed birthday banner from  and had all the kids and parents sign it before they left! (About $12)  \* I also ordered Astronaut balloons (5) from - they are  the best website for themed balloons!  \* We had two (2) blow-up astronauts (about 2 ft each) that I found at -- one for the front door and one for the back door.  \* Along our fence in the backyard , we hung up an American flag  bunting (each 12 ft ea - found at PartyCity for $1.99/ea)  \* On each of the tables were white tablecloths and rock candy lollipops  (they were labeled: MOONROCK LOLLIPOPS with the NASA logo). 

While the kids were arriving, we made aper plate flying saucers - two  paper plates turned upside down and stapled together with markers,  glitter, etc. 

Our first game was, "Tossed in Space Game." I used three clear containers (found at the dollar store) and added point value to each (10  pts, 50 pts, 100 pts). Then, I collected the FREE AOL CDs (from Target,  the movie theater, etc.) to use as UFO's! We had the kids toss the  UFO's into the containters (they had three chances)! (NOTE: The little  ones got to stand a little bit closer). Everyone got a prize of space  stickers (also found at Oriental Trading).  

We then had "Navigation Training" OR Pin the Astronaut (Riley-naut)  in the Spaceship. I created a rocketship on posterboard and  downloaded an astronaut from the internet. Then, in PhotoShop, I put  my son's face where the astronaut's was. I made 30 of these for the  game. Each kid had to put the Riley-naut in the spaceship -- each child  won a rocketship bubble necklace (found at Oriental Trading). 

Our next game was, "Astronaut Mission to the Moon Training": We gathered all the "astronauts" and had them wear their shirts and jet  packs and hats to head off to the moon! We stood ina circle, and we all  counteddown (10-9-8, etc.), then blasted off around the backyard! First,  we went to the moon (and walked really slowly around our swingset),   then, we got back into our spaceship (the circle) and took off for the  "hopping planet" then the "wiggle planet" then the "screaming planet."  On this planet, we "hunted for moonrocks" (wadded up tin foil balls  scattered throughout the backyard). The kids LOVED this and wanted  to take the moonrocks home with them! When the kids picked up a  rock, they'd bring it over to a bowl, drop it in and went back and find  more.áWhen the backyard was clean, we went back to our spaceship  (the circle) and counted down one final time to go back to Earth. I then  had all the kids "fly" to the table for cake! 

FOOD (NOTE: I made table tents for each of the food items). Cosmic fruit salad Little Dippers (chicken nuggets) Flying Saucers (mini pizzas) Asteroid applesauce (individual cups) Blast-off burgers Heavenly hot dogs Alien cookies (made from gingerbread cookie cutter, frosted green  w/red M&M eyes) Marshmallow Moon rocks (rice crispy treats) 

CAKE I made two "rocket ship" cake (found at These cakes  were SO easy to make and very cool! The candles were even at the  bottom of the rocket to look like flames!   I also made cupcakes for the kids to look like UFO's - white frosting  with M&Ms or Skittles on the rim and "UFO" in decorator gel. 

GOODIE BAGS  These were white bags, with a label that read, "AstroKid, their name,  and an American Flag sticker). 1. Design a space scene kit (from Oriental Trading) 2. Moon pies (ordered over the internet) 3. Pop rocks (from the 4. Create a rocket (from Oriental Trading) 5. Coloring pages (I printed these off the internet, then pasted them into  MicrosoftWord and added MISSION RILEY 4 on the bottom of each  page)  (The kids put in their stickers and rocket ship bubbles, along with the  moonrock lollipops in their bags before they left). 

THANK YOU'S \* This was a picture of Riley in his hat, shirt, & jetpack against the  American flag bunting. Then I went to to have the blank  cards made up.  This was an incredible party! Riley had a blast (no pun intended). We  had a lot of people comment on what a great party it was and that they  are not inviting us to their parties because they could never compete  with our creativity! He he  I can't wait to plan the next party!!!

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