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Spirit Cimarron -7yr- Indian Craft Belt, Necklaces & Bracelets



April 2004


Melinda in Kemp, TX


Spirit Stallion Party

My son was turning 7 and really wanted a Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron party.  I wanted to make it cool since a bunch of 7 year old kids would be attending. 

We assembled a tipi out of 4 twelve foot two by fours and 12 yards of canvas (found it for $1 a yard).  As the kids arrived we invited them to paint the tipi with Indian artwork (I printed off several sheets of suggestions for the decorations). 

Once everyone was here I had my mother-in-law teach the children how to make some Indian crafts.  The boys made belts out of leather strips, conchos and beads and the girls made necklaces and bracelets.  All of them were given headbands and small feathers. The supplies were from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. 

Following the craft we built a small fire just outside the tipi and cooked our hot dogs.  The kids ate inside the tipi. 

No party at our house is complete without a piñata, no matter what the theme, so we had a sunshine piñata filled with candy and small horses. 

The cake was a four layer round cake with mountains and a waterfall, with spirit jumping over the water. 

After cake and presents we took the kids on a hayride through the pasture.  It was great!

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