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Sports Party -7yr- Win Tickets for a Prize



March 2002


Gina in Keystone Heights, FL   USA

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Sports Party

Sports Party for a 7 yr. old.  My son wanted a sports themed party this year...

My invitations were printed on the computer to resemble tickets with all the birthday info on it.  I decorated inside with autographed baseball, football, basketball and soccer memorabilia collected by my family (from pictures to pennants).  I also used inflatable sports balls instead of balloons, along w/ red white and blue streamers. Outside, I used a sports street sign and balloons at the end of our drive. I then used many balloons and pennant banners all over to give a sports/carnival feel.

Upon arriving, every child received tickets for the games.  They were given two tickets for each game.  I had six games available, labeled with large posterboard complete with rules. I had an adult helping at each (each w/a waist apron to keep tickets-purchased at home depot for $1 ea.).

The games were:  A pitching machine for hitting a baseball, a basketball game, a soccer game (kicking the soccer ball into a goal), a football kick game (football field goal purchased from oriental trading company), a throwing game, where the child has to throw his choice of ball (football, baseball, or frisbee) through a swaying mini hula hoop, and finally I even had a horseshoe game set up.  Each child had three chances per ticket, and received a different colored PRIZE ticket for each success. (Everyone received at least one ticket for three attempts - good sportsmanship ticket). 

After they got their tickets, they were able to go the ticket redemption center that I had set up in the center of the game area.  Here, I had many sports-related toys from small to large set up with a 3x5 card indicating the number of prize tickets needed to get the toy.  For instance, a sports straw or kickball may be 2 tickets while a baseball glove or canteen would be 5 tickets. I tried to stay between 2-5 tickets per item so all the children would be able to purchase more than one toy. Each child was given a bag to store their goodies in. It worked out well. 

After they played, they entered the "locker room" (entry hall), where I had lockers labeled for each child. These were just stacked and secured plastic storage containers with a LOCKER ROOM sign above them.  The kids loved sticking their goodies into their own lockers.

From there they went to the "cafeteria", where I had a long table set up with stadium type food. I gave each child a fake 10 dollar bill and had posted a menu - with prices for each item- in a central location.  I borrowed food trays from a local fast food restaurant and had each child go through the line  and choose their goodies.  I had hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, soft pretzels, nachos and cheese, big pickles, and roasted peanuts.  Hooked on a snack stand (made from PVC pipe and binder clips), I had bags of popcorn, cotton candy, chips and cookies.  I purchased the typical serving containers from our local Sam's store (corn dog holders, nacho containers, popcorn bags, etc)  I even purchased foam cups, lids and straws. 

After the children got what they wanted they went to the "cashier" where they chose their soda or slushy, and then their order was totaled and proper change was given.  (used a ten key machine, even gave receipts! My son is studying money in school now, so it was an educational bonus).  The children were assisted with their trays to the back patio, where the condiments and napkins were. 

After, we did presents, then cake and ice cream. Then they went back outside and played some more. The cake was a baseball cap cake found at, along with baseball cupcakes also at  Believe it or not, this whole thing cost less than $100!  I also had some toddlers at the party, so I had a special area with baby and toddler t-ball, basketball, golf, and many other soft balls for them to play with. 

I asked a few parents to watch over the tots so that no one was forgotten. They little ones went home with a squishy sports ball and a plastic ball and bat set. Everyone had a blast!!!!! Even the girls who did not like sports did not want to leave….

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