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Teletubbies -2yr- Sugar Cookie Tubby Toast



August 2000


Donna in Salem,  IL  USA

Honorable Mention

Teletubbies Party

For my dd's 2nd bday party on August 20th we did the Teletubbies theme! 

As the guests were arriving, they got to decorate the dome that the Teletubbies live in.  I had teletubbie stickers provided and also fingerpaints(and of course a bucket nearby).  It was a washer and dryer box that I used for them to decorate.

Then, we progressed with the cake and ice cream and presents.  I provided some finger foods also, and of course Tubby custard(vanilla pudding).  I made sugar cookies and instead of cutting them out in circles I cut them in squares for "Tubby Toast", and then iced them with yellow icing(b/c my dd adores La La). 

Next, came the La La piƱata.  But, as I was holding up my dd to take a whack at La La, she kept saying no hit La La! LOL, so now I have a unique house decoration!

Then, we played pin the TV on La La's tummy.  I took a big posterboard and tried to the best of my ability to draw a picture of La La and then made little TV's with each child's name on it and blindfolded them and see who got closest to La La's tummy.

Then, we ended with what was supposed to be a water balloon toss.  But, it turned out to be an all out fight with the adults taking over!  LOL I think I am still picking up the pieces from it. A great time was had by all!

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