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Tie Dye Party -6yr- Tie Dye Cake



May 2012


Kristen in Cleveland, Ohio USA


Tie Dye Party

I was so excited to plan a tie dye birthday party for my daughter this year.  We went with the theme of tie dye, rainbow colors and smiles.  The first thing I did was pick up paper ware supplies that I found at a local craft store that had the tie dye theme.

INVITATIONS:  For the invitations I used colorful card stock and peace sign scrapbook stickers to create a simple invitation that I printed out that said "Groove on over for a good time"  

DECORATIONS:  for decorations I created a tie dye duct tape quilt with sheets of different tie dye duct tape to make a back drop for a photo shoot with the kids.  I put it up on a wall in the house with peace sign balloons at the top and had the kids stand in front of it while taking pictures.  My kids used sidewalk chalk to decorate the driveway outside and had colorful flowers and smiley balloons outside.

ACTIVITIES: I created tie dye book marks with tie dye and peace sign duct tape and had the kids decorate them with stickers and markers. The main event was when we tie dyed shirts with kits that come with bottles and dye ready to go.  I had large paint shirts for the kids to go over their clothes which were slit down the back and closed with a clothes pin at the back.  The kids wore gloves and we rubber banded their shirts with different patterns and they went to town with their bottles of ink.  I labeled large zip lock bags with their names so when they were done with their shirts we put them inside so they could take them home when the party was over.

GAMES: For games we did a water balloon game like hot potato had a hula hoop dance party/contest with tie dye hula hoops which I created with tie dye duct tape.  I found the hula hoops at the dollar store.

PARTY SNACKS: We had pizza veggie tray colorful bean salsa chip bowls and pretzels and a rainbow fruit tray with dip.

CAKE:  I made a tie dye cake by dividing the batter into 6 bowls and colored them with rainbow colors.  I then poured it into the pan to create a "tie-dye" look.  On the top of the cake I painted gel colors with a clean paint brush to make it look tie dye on the top and it turned out great!  The kids were surprised to see the rainbow inside!

FAVORS:  The goody bags (tie dye ones found at the store) included tie dye fruit by the foot colorful bubbles smile stickers candy punching balloons and glow sticks. The kids all had a blast and the shirts turned out awesome!  I thought it was going to be a lot of work but really with great organization it worked out perfect!  So happy we did it. "

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