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Amazing Race Party 10yr - Miniture Golf



July 2009


Susie in Indianapolis

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Amazing Race Party

For my son's 10th Birthday we had an Amazing Race party.

I made up invitations that looked like the Amazing Race Clue envelopes with all the information. We really didn't need to decorate because we were traveling to several different locations. When everyone arrived they were put into two team (we had 2 drivers, you could do more if you have more drivers). They were given either a black or gold T-shirt, baseball hat and drawstring bag with compass, pen, notebook, etc. Since we live in a larger city, I didn't want to just leave the clue boxes around town, so I made a book with all the clues/tasks, roadblocks and detours.

To make the booklet, I took a 11 x 8 1/2 sheet of cardstock (I used orange for clue/task, red-roadblocks, yellow-detours) and folded in not quite in half. I left about 1 1/2 on the left side for binding. On the outside of the folded page I put a rectangle with CLUE and a detective type clipart or ROADBLOCK with a no symbol or DETOUR with double sided arrow. On the inside, I put the information. Then I folded it over and put a round sticker tab to close it. Once I had all the clues in order, I had them bound into a booklet. I'm going to included everything in my booklet, even through we didn't get to all of it because we had kids that needed to be back and we got caught up at one location and they wanted to stay longer.

But here is what I did. TASK: count number of slats on deck minus the sum of our address (which tricked all of them because they had to add each number in the address together) add number of houses in cul-de-sac multiply number of trees in our yard. CLUE: Travel by foot along our road and find a route marker (yellow and red flag that I make with cardstock and taped to a mailbox). Once they found that they were to open their Detour clue. Hide or Seek: choose to open eggs until you find one with puzzle and put it together or travel by foot around the pond in our yard to the wooded area and find 3 colored markers. Clue-make your way by taxi" to the Pit Stop which was a middle school nearby. They were instructed not to open their clue until all teams arrived.

Once everyone arrived they opened the next clue. Roadblock: They had to find the track and run job or walk one lap. Once complete open next clue. Yield: Find the route marker and the first team to arrive could choose to yeild the other time. I gave the other team a sand time and they had to turn it over and wait for the sand to empty before continuing. Detour-Bike or Hike. Bike-they had to go in parking lot and complete a bike course or Hike- hike the trail at the location. Once complete they could open next clue. Drive by "taxi" to Pit Stop which was a Putt Putt/Arcade type place. Once all teams arrived they had a Roadblock. They had to count how many tables how many bumper boats How tall you have to be to drive bumper cars name 3 rules for indoor ball pit how many holes are there at both putt putt courses find a cartoon character If you ordered 2 large pizzas a meatball sandwich and pitcher of soda what is the total-this was a trick question because the pizza was buy one get one free.

Once completed open next clue. Detour-Tokens/Golf. Tokens-they has to purchase and divide token with coupon and play a game of skeeball and record score each team member had to play a game of air hockey each teammate had to play a game of basketball and add all the players scores together play a game that does not give prize tickets and play enough games to get a piece of candy (5-10 tickets). Golf-they had to purchase putt-putt with coupons and choose a course-no cheating or your time will be given a penalty.

Once complete open next clue. Drive by taxi to McDonalds and complete these tasks: buy ice cream cone for everyone find the starbucks menu in the back of the booklet and add everything on the menu that has the word "iced" in the Grande size find how many items are "light" and what is a large coffee called. Next task was to drive by taxi to Pet Shop and count number of fish tanks count how many different types of animals are sold and buy a treat for the birthday boy's pet. 

Next was a Roadblock-Travel to Walmart by taxi and find 5 items that start with the letter P. All 5 items must equal $5 or less. Detour-Music or Paint-Music they had to go to music section and find a certain CD and list the songs and price of CD. Paint they had to find paint section and find a certain color that was given to them. Roadblock-they had to go to the Dollar Tree and buy a Geography workbook and do page 17.  Detour-Eat or Drink. Eat-find a Chinese restaurant and buy one egg roll and eat it or Drink-find a gas station and buy icee and drink it.

Next clue was to drive by taxi to park for Pit Stop. Roadblock-fill cups with water and place on tray and walk to bucket and dump into bucket. They had to do this until the large bucket was full. Detour-Smarts or Arts. Smarts-place the correct flag under the correct country name. Arts-use instructions to draw an animal-peacock.

Next clue was to travel by taxi to the library for next Pit Stop. Roadblock-Find code decipher and book title in front of your booklet. Locate the book and get your envelope of codes. Solve the code. Detour-Presidents or States. Presidents-list the US Presidents in order. States-list the 50 states in alphabetical order. Next clue was travel by taxi to birthday boys house. Roadblock-do a puzzle of the USA (100 pieces). Detour-Translate or Write. Translate- use the hieroglyphic symbols given to translate the clue. Write-use same symbols to write your names. The winners got a card game in addition to the goodie bag. The goodie bags were the drawstring bags with survivor compass/whistle/belt clip shark tooth necklaces candy hat T-shirt. You could also do water bottles. They also had prizes from the arcade. For cake I just did a rectangle cake and fronted it yellow and wrote The Amazing Race in black to match the envelopes on the show. The kids had a great time and loved running all over the place. "

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