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Amazing Race Party 11yr - Cross Town



March 2010


Tina in Amherst, NY USA


Amazing Race Party

We did an Amazing Race Party. We kept the contestants to 8 Kids, So that each parent could have 4 kids in each car. Road blocks were in white envelopes with the road block graphic stapled to the envelope. 

1. each team have to find a garden gnome (borrowed from a neighbor) hidden in  garden. This proved quite challenging for one team. They had to name their gnome and carry it with them throughout the race.

2. 2nd roadblock was the airport. Teams had to drive to the airport and park in long term parking, travel by the free parking shuttle to the terminal. I gave them flight information, but not the name of the carrier (jet blue, contental, northwest). They had to look on the monitor to find the matching flight, and go to the desk of the correct airline. The airline employees already had the clue behind the counter. 

3. They had to find the car rental agency in the airport, and collect a free map form there. Then they had to read the map, and tell their taxi' driver the directions to get to the next place. Map reading was challenging but these 5th graders were able to do it albiet it was maybe it wasn't the shortest way but they made it. 

4. When they reached their next destination they found themselves at a outside a bellydancing studio. She charged 5 dollars a kid in advance to teach them a small belly dance wearing the jingling hip scarf. This was a little tricky and schedualed as one of the earlier roadblocks because I didn't know how long it would take to get to her. She was on standby for about 3 o'clock the race started at 2. This cracked the kids up that they had to do this. One team arrived just as the other was finishing. It was very fun.

5. the next roadblock was eating Octopus and mashed plantains at a peurto rican diner. The octopus was in a deep freid pocket so it was not too crazy it just tasted fishing. The plantains were very good. All but two of the kids like it but it was cool for them to say they ate it. All but two of the kids liked it all.

6. after that they had to find clue previously hidden in a big furniture store. One was hidden behind a picture and the other in rolls of fabric appropraite clues were given. Then there was another clue about a clue hidden in stacks of oriental rugs. This was really hard as the kids didn't know which sides of the rugs the clue was in and the rugs got increasingly heavy to flip back. 

7. pit stop. At a downtown cafe. The kids got a indian hamasa charm (wards off the evil eye cost= $2.00/ apiece)

8. the kids make their way to a downtown subway station. Ride the subway to the central library. They had to find a "top secret" book which had a decoder in it. They decoded the number clue on their roadblock. This was the title to another book. Which had another clue in it. This was word De-scramble. This was challenging because it entailed the kids using the catalog and using the index in the back of the book which a lot of kids had to learn. They had fun deciphering the words.again challenging with the time as the library was closing soon. The security guard had their next clue when they presended him with the descrambled word. 

9. the final roadblock was at an outdoor skating rink. they had to sakte with theire team 4 laps. they had to collect a different "gnome" button each lap. Buttons were at 10 bucks for 10 of them off ebay. whoever finished first was the winner of the race. the skating was free each kids skate rental was 3.00 dollars. then they could skate for fun. 

Both teams were very competative and I think it was fun to watch them. Sometimes they took longer for the tasks then I had anticipated. The group was mainly 11 year olds. They definitely rose to the challenge. They each got their own money for each leg of the race that they were responsible for. Total cost was $108.00 dollars. This entailed the subway tickets food and tip at the resturant and paying the bellydancer. 

At the end of the race all kids got a box filled with different candies from around the world. The race went from 2pm till 8pm. We had a sleepover so that it eased up issue of having to be back by a certain time. Everyone was happily exhausted and content to snuggle in and watch a movie.

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