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Litttle Mermaid Party -4yr- Pass the Jellyfish



February 2009


Kristina in Stroudsburg Pa USA

Honorable Mention

Ariel Little Mermaid Party

For my daughter Alyssa's 4th Birthday party she desperately wanted a little mermaid party. I love this site and always find great ideas every year for both of my children's birthdays. We sent out invitations 3 weeks prior to her party - they were printed from my computer. It said on top Come join us under the sea for Alyssa's 4th Birthday Party!" I then put a picture of Ariel that I found online followed by all the party info like when where what time and RSVP.

DÉCOR I decorated my house with all different colors of blue streamers hanging lengthwise in 3 different lengths from the ceiling (please use the tacky clay stuff- don't use scotch tape it will ruin your paint) I then place blue balloons around to make it look like bubbles. I had a blue tablecloth on the dining room table and down the middle was small long fishing net that I purchased from A.C. Moore- On top of the net I placed seashells fish candles (that I left unlit) and a long strand of pretend pearls weaving between them.

At every place setting I had a little plastic disposable storage container (that I purchased at a local dollar store- 3 in a package for $1) On the outside I wrote each kids name in paint inside I had a couple on green colored glass stones and 2 real gold fish (10 cents each at pet supplies plus) The children loved the fish and went crazy when they found out they could each take there fish home as a thank you gift. Each child also had a coconut cup with a crazy straw at their place setting. I also bought a wall cling of Ariel from Party city (2 in a package for 5 dollars) they where about 4 ft. tall and the kids took pictures next to her.

FOOD I decide to do a tropical theme food menu for the adults. I made a kahlua pig in the crock-pot some pineapple chicken fried rice tuna pasta salad and a tangerine green salad. I also served frozen Pina Coladas for the adults as well (with a paper umbrella of course!) The kids had seashell macaroni and cheese and octodogs (take a hot dog and cut lengthwise halfway until you have eight legs for your octopus. Boil them and the legs curl up) the kids loved the octodogs- they were a hit!

For desert I made a mermaid cake- I had a sheet cake on bottom and on top I bake a cake in a mixing bowl to make a round cake. The sheet cake was decorated with blue fondant with some starfish and goldfish on top and the round cake I decorated with yellow fondant (to look like an island) I place the upper body of a Barbie in the middle of the round cake and piped a tail on the island so it looked like the mermaid was sitting on an island. The birthday girl was in LOVE with this cake.

GAMES well first I had all the children sit down at a craft table and they made their goodie bags. It was colored paper lunch bags and they place ocean life foam stickers on the bags and put their names on it also.

Next we played limbo. (Make the limbo stick from a wrapping paper tube and crepe paper just wrap the paper around the tube tape to secure and add some stickers and even strips of crepe paper at the end of each side)Every kid that lost got a little goody (boys pirate stickers and notepad. Girls. A seashell locket with Ariel's picture inside-- found both at party city) The winner got to pick a prize from my treasure chest. I made a chest out of two boxes spray painted it gold and added a keyhole. Inside I filled it with lots of goodies from the dollar store.

After limbo we played don't get stung by the jellyfish- just hot potato using a stuffed jellyfish. Explain to the kids once the music stops if you have the jellyfish you got stung and need to come out of the circle and get a little prize (water guns and playdoh) the winner got to pick a prize from the treasure chest.

The last game was a treasure hunt. I told the kids that there was a treasure hidden in the house and Ariel left clues in special bubbles. I placed each clue inside a balloon and the kids had to pop the balloons to find the clue. The clues were worded like Ariel was giving the clues. Example If Prince Eric and I wanted to stay over Alyssa's house where would we sleep? Each clue lead to a different room and in the final room they found a little treasure chest(a shoebox spray painted)filled with scavenger hunt books shark fruit snacks and gold bead necklaces.

We also had a pinata for the kids to smash that was filled with candy and toys. I made anchor chocolate lollipops from a mold found at A.C. Moore and gave them out to the adults as a thank you gift. My daughter had such a great time! And just to see her face makes all this hard work worth it!!!!"

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