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Autumn Harvest - 3yr - Pumpkin Theme Invite



September 2001


Kenda in Slaton, TX

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Autumn Harvest Party

Autumn Pumpkin Party

My three year-old little girl's birthday is on October 6th, so this year I am doing a Pumpkin Party Theme. 

I scrapbooked the invitation saying, "Come to a Pumpkin Party!"  I cut out a picture of her and it looked like she had her arms wrapped around one of the die-cut pumpkins at the bottom of the invitation.  The little poem on the invitation read, "Come have a great time and celebrate Friday, October 5th is the date. Kellyn is turning three years old, Pumpkins galore is what I'm told!  We will all meet at six o'clock sharp and the place will be the Slaton Park. Pumpkin painting, hayrides and a piñata bust. Costumes worn by each child is a must. So, put this event on your calendar A.S.A.P. A fun night for all is what it will be. There will be cake and ice cream, if you care, so come and enjoy or be a SQUARE!

I then put the invitation in a clear envelope (these can be found at a scrapbook store or an office supply store) and stuffed each one with pumpkin confetti. 

I love Oriental Trading I found a ton of cute party favors such as pumpkin notepads, pencils, bubble necklaces, etc.  I also found on Oriental Trading a pumpkin piñata, a pin the nose on the pumpkin game and an inflatable pumpkin cooler for all the soda cans. 

I have a friend who makes the cutest cakes and of course, she will be making a pumpkin cake. 

We will have bales of hay sitting out for decorations and great seating for the adults.  I am going to a Farmer's Market to buy lots of really small and cheap pumpkins.  I will decorate with those, but I also bought pumpkin decorating paints at Hobby Lobby and each child is going to get to decorate his or her pumpkin as a treat. 

I will give away prizes for the best costumes: Best Girl, Best Boy, Most Creative, Most Scary, etc.  So no one will be left out.  I found really cheap pumpkin Sippy cups at Hobby Lobby, so each child will have that to drink out of at the party, plus the cup will be another treat for them to take home. 

My father-in-law is getting together a great hayride for all the children to go on.  He is getting a cotton trailer and filling it with hay bales, and then he will attach it to his pick-up.  The sides of the trailer are over three feet tall, so with the adults in the trailer, it will be safe for even the smallest children, sitting down, of course. 

Last, but not least, I got a trick or treat bucket (also very cheap at Hobby Lobby) for each child.  This way they will have a way to transport their pumpkin, Sippy cup, candy and other prizes, plus, they will have it for Halloween night. 

My good friend is a photographer and she is taking pictures for me the night of the party.  I am going to ask her to take a picture of each child either holding their decorated pumpkin or during the hayride.  Each thank you note will have a picture of that particular child…great thank you for the mom, since they are, of course, are the one who buys the gift and takes time out of their schedule to take the kids to the party. 

Because I scrapbooked my invitations and the party will be at the park, the cost was only in the treats for the kids.  I guess it could get pretty expensive if you weren't careful, but you can't go wrong at Oriental Trading.

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