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Back To School Party - School Monopoly



August 2007


Corina in Judsonia, Arkansas USA


Back To School Party

I have 7 nieces and nephews and all of them are going into school or a tiny tot daycare program so I thought since our summer seemed to disappear right before our eyes why not plan a back to school party to get us pumped up for the school year. I custom made t-shirts all different colors that said on the front back to school and on the back bash 2007.  The pictures turned out great. 

I decorated the table with the brown package paper and then sponged on the alphabet with acrylic paint mixed so it had all the colors combined.  For the centerpiece I arranged a pencils and erasers and memo pads and bottles of glue in a clear glass jar and I also used it as a game on guessing how many school supplies were in the jar and the prize was a $5.00 gift card to Staples the parents loved it. 

Each child had a crafted report card on the table where they were suppose to sit also used for game besides seating arrangment. 

I made a school geared monopoly game on poster board phrase like you shared, or you helped a new classmate, and no school days the kids loved it.  An on random squares there were directions of go back 2 squares or go forward 2 squares and the middle of the board like monopoly community chest I made sad/happy faces that said good marks/demerits.  An the dice used were the large hanging dice easy to keep up with especially for the little ones.  An on the positive squares there were gold stars and they had to collect the gold stars and put them on their report cards and the first one who got 12 won. 

Another game we did was the back to school relay it was outside all back packs were lined up with 3 books beside each 5 steps ahead was a big basket of plastic food and paper bags, 10 steps ahead was a parent holding fake dollars, and next was a parent at a table with small cartons of milk, and lastly was a finish line.  The children had to pack backpacks put on shoulders pack lunch all 5 food groups ask for milk money drink a sip of milk and run to catch the bus (the laughter was endless.) 

Then we did a science experiment a homemade volcano the kids constructed it out of clay around a sports bottle filling it up with baking soda and then at the very end of the party we made the volcano explode it was a great ending to the party. 

The snack food was all 5 food groups and named after school geared things.  I made celery stick rulers filled with peanut butter and the centimeters were raisins, Fruit kaboobs intertwined on a pencil, alphabet breadsticks with marinara, pencil shaped cake frosted just like a pencil, playground punch which was just gatorade in the tiny bottles, and hamburgers on the grill.  An then the kids made a bag of knowledge which was teddy grahms, chocolate mms, pretzels, and lifesavers all packed in a pencil bag it turned out really cute.

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