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Backwards Birthday -8yr- Goodbye Means Hello



June 2001


Jenn in Elkton,MD


Backwards Party

Backwards Birthday Party Our daughter was turning 8 and all her friends were having big parties.  We had a low budget to work with - but at the end of the party the kids were telling their parents "this was the best party I've ever been too!"

First the invitations - I used computer paper that had a balloons and confetti border.  Then with a printing program I typed all the necessary. stuff Who?, When?.... but then I hit the mirror button (so everything printed backwards) \*we asked all guests to come with clothes on backwards.

Second- decorating- Put the table cloth on the floor under the dining room table.  Put down silverware, then napkin and the plate over both.  Turned the cups upside down.  Had balloons hanging from the ceiling by the string and crepe paper on the floor.  

Goody Bags - Purchased small mug boxes and put party favors inside.  Wrapped the boxes, so when the guests left they took home a present!

The big day- As guests arrived and we said "Goodbye"  Had name tags and asked each guest to spell their name backwards.  Filled three containers with tootsie rolls, gum balls and pennies.  Asked the guests to guess how many were in each container, put the answers in a hat. 

After all guests arrived we found the winners - the person who was farthest from the actual number.  The kids got a kick out of this. 

Had a scavenger hunt - all items on the list were spelled backwards.  Played many other games with the rules backwards.

Ate cake first, I printed the words to the happy birthday song so everyone could sing backwards. "You to birthday, happy!"  Then had pizza and drinks.  

During present time (which was last) had the person "giving" the card read the card aloud.

When the guests left w/their presents we said "hello" We laughed so hard, we were in tears.

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