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Backwards -8yr- Prize for Most Crazy Outfit



July 2002


Kim in West Valley City, Ut. USA


Backwards Party

Crazy, mixed-up, upside down backwards birthday party For my son's 8th birthday party we decided to do something different. 

We printed the invitations on the computer using different fonts for each word, Crazy was in a crazy looking font, upside down was actually written upside down, backwards was written "sdrawkcab"  etc..... 

The invitation opened backwards and the information was on the outside while the "come to my party" was on the inside.  We asked the kids to come dressed crazy and let them know there would be a contest to see who dressed the craziest.  When the kids arrived we said "goodbye" instead of hello, then we gave them a nametag with their names spelled backwards on it. 

While we waited for everyone to arrive we played pin the tail on the donkey, only the winner was the one who had the tail the farthest from the donkey's behind (we did not tell the kids this until the end  for fear of how crazy they would get).  We had cake first (upside down cake). 

Then we ate dinner (hotdogs and chips).  We then had all the kids sit in a circle and had each one vote for who they thought should win for being dressed the most crazy.  (The kids were dressed so great!!  They wore clothes that did not match, 2 different shoes, inside out clothes, backwards clothes, their hair was done crazy with gel or with little pony tails everywhere etc.....  they really had fun with it.) 

Then the hit of the party was bobbing for apples!!!  Many of them went back for 5-6 tries!!  We had party bags for each kid as they left.  When they left we said "Hello"  My son loved this party and so did all the kids!!

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