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Backwards Party -8yr- Freeze Dance



Feb. 2004


Michelle in Mt. Airy, MD USA


Backwards Party

We had an 8th birthday party for my twin daughters.  The invitations were printed in mirror image and the girls were very excited (12 total girls invited). 

When the guests arrived, we said, "Goodbye.  Thanks for coming!!"  As each girl arrived, they guessed how many candies were in a basket.  The girl with the guess that was furthest away won the candy.  Then we opened presents. 

Next we played "5 Questions."  Each girl selected an envelope which had a label inside with the name of an animal on it.  The girl had the sticker on her back and everyone else read what it was.  The girl asked yes/no questions in order to figure out what they were, but yes means no and no means yes.  The girls carried this idea through the entire party and every time they were asked a question, they gave the opposite answer. 

After a few rounds of "5 Questions" it was time to cut and serve the cake.  We then lit the candles and the birthday girls blew them out.  Then, everyone sang "You To Birthday Happy" and ate their cake. 

We had a Freeze Dance where the girls danced until the music started (WARNING:  7-8 year old girls don't dance, they jump up and down - in unison!!!)  We ate lunch which was extra large hot dogs, cut down the center, with a hot dog bun placed in the middle.  The girls got a big kick out of this.  They all sat under the table on the tablecloth that was placed on the floor. 

We played Charades but, again, a label was placed on each girl's back and everyone else acted out the charade.  Now it was time for the pinata.  If we had been able to do this outside (it was Feb.), we would have hung a bat and hit the bat with the pinata but since it was ice/snow covered outside, we cut a hole in the pinata and had the girls toss the candy into it.  We first did this blindfolded but it didn't work very well. 

After everyone had a blindfolded turn, we let them toss with their eyes open.  The big surprise of the pinata was that we had put costume jewelry and larger candy bars into the pinata before the girls got there so when we finally overflowed the pinata and dumped it out, they were very surprised at what came out. 

As every girls departed, all remaining girls shouted, "Hello!!!!"  The birthday girls had a wonderful time and the 3 hour party went by very quickly.

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