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Barnyard Party -3yr- Mason Jar Drinks for Parents



September 2006


Yvonne in Lake City, SC    USA

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Barnyard Party

Old McHannah's Farm  My daughter, Hannah, just turned 3! She loves farm animals, so I decided to go with a farm theme.

The invitations were internet generated. They had a cowboy twilling a rope asking "Can I rope you in for Hannah's Barnyard Party?" along with the addition party information. For the guest who didn't have an email addresses, I die cut a barn with a door that could open. When the door of the invitation was open, the party information was in it.(The guest were asked to wear their cowboy/ cowgirl best.) The guest received a cowboy hat, stick horse and a bandana upon arrival.

The party was held at a community park. Across the street from the park was my friend's daycare. They played on the playground equipment and bounced around in the "Jumping Barn" ( which was a bounce house) In an area away from the playground equipment was a blue and white checked cloth tablecloth. On the tablecloth was a box of farm animals, farm animal "See and Say", books on farm and horses, and a set of waffle blocks that madeup a barn.

After about 40 minutes of outdoor play, the children got on their stick horses and "rode" across the street to my friend's daycare.(Hannah and her horse leading the way) My neice acted as crossing guard for the horses by holding a sign that said "Caution- Horse Crossing". The tables at the daycare were decorated with checked tablecloths with farm/horse related centerpeices. One centerpeice was 3 plastic horse pretending to eat hay. Another centerpeice was a pair of cowboy boots; each with a blue and white bandana in it. The other table had 2 stuffed animal pigs in a pigpen. Inside the daycare, the children were greeted by a life sized cow. (a friend of mine dressed up for me) There, the children "parked" their stick horse in a playpen which had some hay in it. While the horses ate, the children ate.

The menu for the children was pig in the blanket, fruit cups, cheese puffs, corn on the cob, hay stacks, baked beans, and deviled eggs. For the adults, I provided chicken and tossed salad. At wal-mart, I found some small plastic cups in the shape of a dog; each child used the cup for their drinks and then took it home. The cups were called BINGO cups. The adults drunk from mason jars! All of the children ate out of pie pans. Two coolers with the push sprout were set up for drinks. One was filled with water and the other with pink lemonade.I had a silver washtub filled with ice. Plastic ducks were sitting on the ice. There was a small washboard that slanted beside the tub.

While the children ate, a freind and I placed eggs around the daycare yard; when the children done eating,I told them that a chicken laid so many eggs that he had no place to put them.  I told them that he dropped some in the yard and that I needed them to help gather them up. (idea brorrowed from this site) Each child recieved an egg carton and went to look for the eggs. The plastic eggs were filled with jolly ranchers and farm related toys.

After the hunt was over the children came back inside for cake and ice cream and to sing Happy Birthday to Hannah. The children then got back on their horses and returned to the park. At the park, the children had to "pick" and apple that fell from a tree and take it home. I had some plastic fillable apples placed around the tree to serve as party favors.

As the children went through the park gate to leave, the "cow" gave them a party cd. My neice made a cd with farm related songs and fingerplays to use at the party and extra copies to give to Hannah's guest. Most of the pary items came from yard sales and thrift stores. It really was a great party. Hannah had fun and that's what counts!

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