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Book Swap Party - Who Am I Game



March 2003


Samantha in Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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Book Reading Party

Book Swap Birthday PArty  My dughter wanted to have a 'book' birthday party, so here is waht we came up with: 

The invitations were bookmarks, printed from the computer, the front side told the party info, date, time, etc, with the heading being M's Marvelous Book PArty. On the back of the invitation we explained that we would be having a book swap at the end of the party, please bring any books you wanted to swap(we wrote people would know that they would still get a book, even if they didn't bring any).

We suggested dressing as your favorite book character. On the day of the party, we welcomed the girls into our home with an opening activity of making their own bookmarks. I had printed off the computer two bookmarks per child with their name and then cut extra. They used stamps and made beautiful book marks. These they placed in the ir canvas tote bag that I supplied for them, each with their own name.

They went into my daughters room to guess what each other were dressed as and to dress up any child who hadn't dressed in dress up clothes.

While they were off, I prepared the next craft, book plates.  I had printed off book plates for each child that said This Book Is the Property of_______and had printed each child's full name. As the girls came back out, I showed them one of my Nancy Drew books from when I was a little girl that had a book plate in it. Then they stamed their bookplates.

Next was a game of 'Who am I?' My daughter had come up with clues to characters in different books and the girls had to guess who she was describing - - example 'I turn your rags into riches and your mice into horse'( Fairy Godmother, Cinderella). The girls absolutely LOVED this game.

When they came back out they made their own note books, cardstock covers, with paper cut to fit inside, turned down, then holes punched and strung closed and tied.

Next came cake and ice cream, I hade made a 9x13 cake, turned it out of the dish, trimmmed out the center into a 'v' and made the cake look like an open book. One side(page) said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the other side(page)had my daughters favorite books, like they were written on an open page of a book.

When all was eaten, the went to open gifts and I laid out all the books on the table ( overflowed and had to take up two chairs also!). Then the children all took their tote bag and went around the table picking books they wanted. They were very polite and giving about it!!! They even gave up books someone else asked for! One suggestion is to have a pad of sticky notes and if two people really want the same book, then put one person's name in it and have the other person give it to them when they are done.  The children all had a great time and we have had request for the same thing next year!!

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