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Charlotte's Web Party -3yr- Movie Favors



November 2008


Ashley in State College, PA USA

Honorable Mention

Book Reading Party

For my daughter's 3rd birthday she chose a Charlotte's Web theme party because it is her favorite movie!

INVITATION: I took the cover of the newer movie off of the internet and using photoshop, I made the web say: Joslyn's 3" instead of Charlotte's Web. On the back I used the speech from when Wilbur won his award and wrote a little paragraph with things like: She's some terrific radiant humble girl. And She's gonna live to a ripe old age. I printed them at home which was a cheap alternative to buying invitations.

DECORATIONS: We turned our dining room into a barnyard! I got two refrigerator boxes for free from Lowes and converted them into a Wilbur's barn (it barely fit because it was so tall!) The only thing I had to buy was 2 cans of spray paint red and brown for the roof. The kids loved playing in the barn. I also made a "tree" out of a cardboard box we had for the trunk and blew up red yellow and orange balloons for the leaves (already had them). I got a big spider from target 60% off after Halloween and put her on the barn for Charlotte with a spider web in the corner.

We used real cornstalks that we got for free and put them along one wall to make a cornfield. Also borrowed hay bales to make benches with 2 kids card tables we already had to make a picnic area for the kids. I covered the tables with blue & white checkered cloth from walmart-$2. We also made farm animals from cardstock and taped them around the room. The rest of the house was full of red yellow and blue balloons and spider web's (the big one had the number 3 in it)

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: We were going to play classic games like duck duck goose and pin the tail on the pig but they were too busy playing! I also played a CD we already had of farm themed music like Old MacDonald. My husband was also going to take all of the kids on a hayride using our tractor & wagon but it snowed so we skipped it.

COSTUMES: The kids dressed in overalls or jeans and I bought red bandannas to tie around their necks.  They were all little farmers!

PARTY SNACKS: I bought red and blue paper plates and yellow napkins. We had pig slop (sloppy joes) baked beans coleslaw pigs in a blanket (the hotdog kind) and spider eggs (deviled eggs with cut olives on top to look like spiders) and lemonade. Everyone in the family made something so once! Metal buckets from walmart-$1 filled with a mix of chex sunflower seeds and candy corn for "chicken feed" were on the tables. We also had a basket filled with John Deere fruit snacks from Target.

CAKE: My sister made the cake which was a big pink pig: Wilbur! My daughter loved it!

FAVORS: This year instead of making the usually goodie bags we bought each family of kids the original Charlotte's Web movie which was only $7.50 at Target. It came out to about $2.00/kid. Joslyn was so excited to share her favorite movie with all of her friends!

The party and theme was a hit! The ideas could also be used for a farm themed party. "

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