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Percy Jackson, Camp Half Blood Party -10yr- Hunt



July 2010


Susan in White Lake, Mi, USA

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Book Reading Party

My son really likes the Percy Jackson books so for his 10th birthday we created our own version of Camp Half Blood. 

INVITATIONS: I copied the map used in the book of camp half blood and said that all these challenges and more await them at Camp Half Blood.  We did a sleep over. 

ACTIVITES: Upon arrival kids were directed right away to Thalia's Pine (in our front yard) where a Oracle's Wheel was hanging on the tree to spin (created and taped on Twister spinner) and a table with Orange Camp Half Blood T'shirts I made using Iron on Transfers.  They then found the first clue hanging in the tree (most clues were scrolled up and tied with a gold ribbon).  This clue welcomed the demigods" to camp and told them they had to were their T'shirts while at camp and that they have to conquer the challenges to become heros and warriors. It directed them to put their bags in the "Big House" and take thier sleeping bags to the Cabin out back (Tent).  The next clue was hanging in the ceiling of the tent which told them to go make armour. 

Next they designed their own shields - which I made from foamcore and had spray painted bronze in advance w/velcro fabric on back to hold onto.  The kids used Gold & Brown makers to make thier own shield design.  They found the next clue hanging above them which invited them to come into the "Big House" for blue food which is what Percy's mom would give him.  Since the party began at 7pm we had cakeBlue Moon ice cream & Blue Hawaiin Punch. 

DECORATION:  On the table I made Medusa's Head...I used our Darth Vader helmet and covered it with gummy worms and taped gummy eyes inside my old sunglasses and put on the head which was surrounded by a black cape. 

CAKE: Bottom was frosted in dark orangish color and then I used greek columns my mom had from her cake decorating years to represent Olympus and on top I baked half the cake in a bowl to make a dome and used blue frosting like water for Posidein with a trident sticking out the top which I made from straws and covered with blue painters tape.  As the kids ate their cake & ice cream they discovered a letter I wrote on the styrofoam plate.  One kid immediately realized.."it must be the clue!"  Each plate had a letter and they kept moving the plates around to spell...MOVIE NOW. 

They then watched the Percy Jackson Lighting Theif movie with popcorn.  When the movie finished they searched for the next clue which was hiding in a glass door cabinet in the movie viewing area.  This clue.."Hephaestus is the greek god of______".  Which they replied FIRE.  So they knew bonfire was next.  Kids enjoyed the bonfire and after a while found the clue at the bonfire which asked them to collect three gods of fire...they knew right away that meant Fireflies!  So they ran around the yard chasing fireflies.  Then they had to get some sleep.  Once in the tent they discovered the clue which told them Lights Out and get rest to prepare for more challenges in the morning!  When the first kid woke up he found a special clue just outside the tent for him - which said "open if you are the first one up" on the outside and then inside it told him that he was granted powers to spray!  It included a blue can of silly string. 

When all the others woke up they searched the tent area for a clue and found it on the backside of the tent which invited them to come to Strawberry Fields for breakfast.  I made Waffles in advance and just warmed them in the oven and had a bowl of strawberries to put on top.  Since it was a party a little whip cream on top!  As the kids were getting strawberries they discovered a ziploc bag with the clue hidden under them.  The clue told them they had cabin inspection in 15 minutes to gather their things and go brush their teeth.  When they got to the bathroom they found a clue hanging on the mirror.  This clue I used the T-shirt transfer feature to print the clue backwards.  The kids had to hold the clue in the mirror to read (they thought this was cool!) This clue told them to gather their armour and prepare to play a favorite game at Camp Half Blood Capture the Flag.  We walked to the nearby woods with their shields and when we arrived I divided them into blue and red teams (just like the movie) and gave them half noodles (in lieu of swords) in their team color. 

While I was giving the game rules the early riser surprised everyone and sprayed them all with the blue Silly String!  They loved running through the woods.  They played Capture the Flag twice and would have played more but the bugs were bothering me so we moved on and when they walked out of the woods the clue was haning on a tree!  This clue told them they had to go climbing to find their next clue.  We took them to the subdivision playground where my husband had gone ahead and hid the next clue.  Only this time the clue was torn apart into 4 pieces and hidden all over the park.  They found all 4 pieces and put it together to read the clue.  Which told them to head back to play a game with a White Orb. 

They played Volleyball and then found the clue tucked up into the net which told them that they had to find their next clue and go two at a time on the kayak to look for the clue (each group got two minutes to paddle and look).  (while they played volleyball we dropped a pop bottle in the lake with the clue inside).  They took turns on the kayak looking for the clue and found the pop bottle floating then read the clue that they had to slay a Minotaur while having balance.  So I gave them each two rocks which I had their name in Greek written on and a sling shot.  They swam out to a raft and the challenge was to see who could get their rocks the furthest (closest to the island).  Then they swam out to the island and found the next clue.  Prepare for full combat! 

They swam back and had a water balloon fight!  One balloon I filled with air and put a clue inside.  They popped the balloon to read the clue which told them they had to do a Lightning Toss for Zeus.  I made a 2 foot Lightning Bolt from Foamcore and covered with Aluminum Foil and taped it onto a bean bag toss game.  They each took turns and added up their points.  When they were done they found the clue taped to the bottom of the game.  Which told them they have been doing great at working towards becoming warriors and heros and now they deserve some swim and beach time they all went running in the lake!  This gave me time to set up for lunch. 

Then when it was time for lunch I told them they needed to find their clue for what to do next.  I reminded them that they just had swim and BEACH time.  So they ran to the sand area and found the clue taped underneath a sand toy.  Which invited them for a Greek Heros Lunch.  We bought Gyro sandwiches and made Greek Salad.  I was a bit nervous if they would eat it.  All but one loved it!  The final clue was tied on the bottle of Greek Dressing which told them they had to take a quiz to see if they are truly a Half Blood.  I found on the Rick Riordian's (author) website an event kit which had a quiz from the books etc. the kids had fun answering them. 

FAVORS: So to award everyone I had purchased chocolate gold coins we called Drachma (greek coins used in the book/movie)  For the various activities they did if they won that challenge I dropped a drachma into a paper bag with their greek name on it!  And the award for being a true Half Blood they received two gummy eyes (Medusa's Eyes).  These were their goodie bags in addition to the shirts shields and noodle swords.  Kids all had a blast and my son continues to think that his mom throws the best birthday parties!"

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