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Pinkalicious Party -4yr- Fairy Wings & Wand



April 2012


Amy in Norwalk, CT

Honorable Mention

Book Reading Party

My daughter is obsessed with Pinkalicious..the very popular book by Victoria Kann where the little girl eats one too many pink cupcakes and turns PINK!  I decided to throw a 4th birthday party themed around the book! 

INVITATIONS: We are tickled pink and happy to say you are invited to Riley's Pinkalicious 4th birthday " date time address and we included pinkalicious herself with a small bubble saying "make sure you come dressed in pink pink pink!" 

DECORATIONS:  We used all pink tablecloths pink papergoods and pinkalicious balloons(oriental trading) I had pretty pink sheer hanging butterflies(xmas tree shoppe) hanging from my table light fixture and a pink rose centerpiece on the table.  

FOOD/CAKE:  I set up a large buffet table with all the "pink" the center of the table I had a two tiered cake stand- at the top was the giant cupcake( i used the wilton caupcake pan) decorated like the pinkalicious cupcake using pink fondant for the bottom and pink icing on the top and a cherry on top.  The lower tier had the individual cupcakes- we used strawberry cake mix frosted with strawberry icing and of course a cherry on top! 

We made "star" and "heart" shaped ham sandwiches and jelly sandwiches we had cut up watermelon  pink chocolate dipped strawberries and pink yogurt. In individual glass containers I had pink marshmallows pink wafer cookies and pink white and red m&ms. Each guest had a mason jar filled with pink lemonade with a pink and white straw.  I also had the pinkalicious book on a display stand. 

ARRIVAL: When the girls arrived they we given a pair of pink glittery fairy wings and a princess wand made by my daughter and I.  We bought plain wooden star wands from our local craft store and painted the star yellow with a coat of yellow glitter paint and the bottom pink they were a huge hit!  First we ate lunch then started our crafts. 

ACTIVITIES:  Our first craft was bottle top necklaces I made tiny holes in the top of craft bottle tops and let the girls decorate their bottle top with round 1" pinkalicious stickers (which fit perfectly inside the bottle cap) and they strung pony beads and glued on craft gems.  They came out adorable! 

Next was the pinkalicious nail salon where the girls all had their nails painted with glittery pink nail polish.  We then used heart shaped containers (I found in the dollar section at target around valentines day) to make our own lip gloss!  First the girls decorated their containers with stickers and gems then they each got to mix their own lip gloss.  We used vaseline and cool aide.  Heat vaseline in the microwave until it just starts to melt slightly add a little coolaide (of course we used cherry) mix and spoon it into the container so simple and the girls LOVED this! 

Our last activity was "pin the cherry on the cupcake"  I made a huge cupcake out of pink foam board and cut out cherries from red construction paper. 

At the very end of the party I read Pinkalicious out loud to the girls.  My 6 year old son had his face painted pink and was hiding in the next room when we got to the last page of the story he jumped out like Peter and said "pink-a-boo!" It was so adorable and the girls especially my daughter thought it was sooo fabulous!

FAVORS: The girls each got to go with a tulle pink flower frame ($2 at the xmas tree shoppe) their wand and wings their bottle cap necklace and lip gloss!  It was a wonderful pinkalicious party!!"

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