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Book Party -1yr- Original Puppet Show



June 2006


Kyla in El Paso, TX  USA

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Book Reading Party

My son turned one a couple of months ago and we wanted to put together a birthday party for him and invite a few of his little friends.  Since it was still cool outside, we needed to come up with something that we could do inside with these little ones.  So we decided to have a book party. 

The invitations read:  __________ wants you to know that he's turning one, And growing up is lots of fun!  He wants to celebrate with you, Cuz that's what friends love to do.  And if you're wondering what gift to bring, His mommy thinks books are the very best thing.  As for a card, there's no need to look, Just sign your name inside the book!  Then I put in all of the date, time, and place information and let them know that "baby friendly" snacks would be served. 

We set the house up in book stations.  The first station was right inside the front door.  I had already laid out fingerpainting papers for each child with a few drops of fingerpaint on each.  I also had child size undershirts for them to put on over their clothes so they wouldn't get paint on them, even though it was washable.  After the children came in, we sat down and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  After the book, they fingerpainted with the colors mentioned in the book. 

The second station was in the kitchen.  I had set out a bubble machine and placed helium-filled clear balloons around the ceiling (bubbles).  I read Bubble Trouble to them and then turned on the bubble machine and let them "catch" bubbles. 

The third station was in the den.  I had laid out a large pallet in the room and placed pillows at the top to make it look like a big bed on the floor.  The children came in and sat on the "bed" and we read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  The children were able to jump on the bed I had made them. 

The fourth station was a puppet theater.  My older two children and myself decorated a refrigerator box that we picked up from a local hardware store to look like a puppet theater.  I wrote up a little birthday script that I'll attach at the end of this.  Before the puppet show, we read If You Give a Moose a Muffin.  The fifth station was right before the food.  We went to the table and read The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. 

For food, we had finger sandwiches, cut up bananas, goldfish crackers, and a few other baby treats.  I had a cake made that looked like an open book.  On one side of the book it said "Once Upon a Time" and on the other side it said, "Happy First Birthday, _______"  He also had his own small round cake that matched the colors of the book cake.  He received some really great books from all of his friends and they are all signed on the inside so we will always know who they came from. 

For party treats, I put together a little bag with one fingerpaint, a jar of bubbles, a finger puppet, and a really neat board book I found for $1 at the dollar store.  I also put a thank-you card inside the bag.  It read:  ______ wants to thank you for coming along, For his really great gifts and the birthday song.  He wants you to know that he had lots of fun.  It's really hard work from zero to one.  His mommy says don't forget while you play, To read a book at least once a day.  Well, you played, you laughed, you ate some cake, Now take a nap, for goodness sake!  It was a great party.  We always throw big theme parties for our kids, but I think this one was the best so far.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and it only lasted about 90 minutes which was perfect for these little ones.  I think it would work even better for two or three-year-olds since they've been read to more and recognize a lot of the books and can sit still a little longer.   

The puppet skit my daughter and I performed:  PUPPET SHOW BIRTHDAY PARTY  Cow is sleeping.  He wakes up and yawns big.  He's startled by his audience.  Cow:Well, hello there.  Are you here to watch me sleep?  Children respond.  Cow: Oh, I see.  Because I was taking a little nap, you see.  Hm, I wonder why you are here?  Oh, oh I bet I know!  You're here for fresh milk.  Children respond.  Cow:Hm…  Giraffe:Hey there Cow.  How are you do¦.  Oh, who are they?  Cow:  I don't know.  I'm trying to figure out why they are here.  Giraffe:They are just kind of staring at us.  Cow:  I know.  Is it my hair?  Does my hair look okay?    Giraffe:Well, you do have a little piece sticking up right here.  Here I'll fix it.  Cow:  Thanks.  You know what?  Giraffe:What?  Cow:They're still watching us.  Giraffe: Excuse me, little people.  Why are you here today?  Did you come to see my long neck?  Children respond.  Giraffe:  Well, there has to be a reason they are here. Cow:Hey, Giraffe!  Look over there.  It looks like that room over there is decorated with balloons and party decorations.  Giraffe: You're right!  That must be a clue.  Hey, boys and girls, are you here for some kind of a party?  Children respond.  Cow: So we figured it out.  They are here for a party.  Giraffe:Yeah, yeah.  It's a party.    Cow: Okey dokey.  So, what kind of party do you think they are having?  Giraffe:Oh, well, I don't know.  Maybe it's a New Year's party.  Are you having a New Year's party?  Children respond.  Giraffe:Nope.  Not a New Year's party.  Cow:How about a Valentine's party?  Children respond.  Cow: Hm, okay.  No Valentine's party.  Giraffe:Wait a minute!  Cow, I think I see a cake over there.    Cow:A cake!  What kind of cake?  Giraffe: It looks like a birthday cake.  Cow: That must mean it's a birthday party!  Giraffe: Are you having a birthday party?  Children respond.  Giraffe: Happy Birthday!  Cow: Wait, Giraffe, who are you saying happy birthday to?    Giraffe: I don't know.  Cow:Maybe it's that little girl over there.  Ask her?  Giraffe:  Is it your birthday, little girl?  Children respond.  Cow: Hey, Giraffe, I think I know.  It must be the little boy over there.  Do you see?  He has a special birthday shirt on.    Giraffe: You're right.  Is it his birthday?  Children respond.  Cow:  Can you tell us his name?    Children respond.  Giraffe:  So, Cow, what do you say we sing him a song.  Cow: I think we should.  Cow and Giraffe: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear _______. Happy birthday to you.  Cow and Giraffe:Happy birthday, little boy.  Have a good day.

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