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Bug Party 4yr - Decorate Bug Boxes



November 2009


Tina in Elk Grove, CA, USA

Honorable Mention

Bug Birthday Party

This party was held last March, but I didn't put my idea in then.  Totally forgot, but I thought I would contribute something since I like to read this website. My daughter was turning 4 and she loves bugs- almost any kind.  We couldn't decide on a theme, but we went out to dinner and she was given a dirt cup" with a gummy worm in it for dessert so I thought of a bug theme.  She was really excited about this.

INVITATIONS:  I emailed an announcement with dancing lady bugs.  I also got some lady bug invitations from Party City that were darling. 

FOOD: I had the party in the Spring and did it between lunch and dinner so there were just snacks and drinks.  The snacks were the usual: salami and crackers (although I had butterfly crackers) guacamole and chips a fruit plate and veggies and dip.  I also bought Kebler Bug Bites which are little graham crackers shaped like bugs (found a store near by on their website that carries them) and served them with a sweet lime dip.  We had lemonade water Capri Suns and some ice tea. 

DECORATIONS: For decorations I bought some of the "garden theme" stuff from Party City and then had hanging bugs (butterfly ladybug and bee) that we hung from the ceiling.  I found some different colored felt butterflies at the dollar store and hot glued them to some tuile and hung that on the stair banister.  We found some balloons with bugs (butterflies and bees)and had them blown up and put around.  I also bought one mylar bee balloon and had it blown up (they are pricey).  On the tables I had fresh flowers (inside in vases and outside planted in pots) and put butterflies on sticks for flowers in them (from the florist).  We bought inexpensive paper bags with handles in different colors and put stickers on them and each child's name on them.  For the girls we used girly colors and girly stickers (pink purple light yellow  aqua w/ butterflies dragon flies lady bugs etc.) and for the boys we used boy colors and boy stickers (red yellow dark blue dark green w/ grasshoppers spiders bees etc.).  We put them up and down our stairs and when the kids came in they got to grab one.  On each one I had instructions for what to do for the activities. 

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES: My daughter and I bought some creepy looking small plastic bugs from the grocery store and hid them around the house.  The kids used the bags to find and collect the bugs.  We had prizes for the winners (whoever got the most).  We also had 2 craft stations: one with bug boxes to decorate (they were white paper mache with small metal screens on the top) with bug stickers and markers and one with foam door hangers to decorate with foam bug stickers.  All the supplies were from Oriental Trading company.  The kids could put their finished products in the bags.  We also had a bouncy house outside with a giant lady bug on top for those kids that need to burn off energy.  We hired someone to do face painting and I asked her to encourage the kids to get bug themed paintings like spiders butterflies and flowers.  They looked GREAT!  After some crafting eating and playing We did a live lady bug release outside.  The kids were able to each get one for their bug house and we had lots of lady bugs for our yard. 

CAKE AND DESSERT: For the cake I watched a video on the Betty Crocker website on how to make an inch worm cake.  It was very easy and turned out GREAT!!  It was yellow with butter cream frosting.  I also made a chocolate one with cream cheese frosting and did a lady bug on top- my own creation based on different ideas on saw on the web and some trial and error.  The cakes were only for the adults.  I made the cool dirt cups with gummy worms for the kids (chocolate pudding mixed with some whip cream and Oreo cookies on the bottom with crashed oreos on the top and a gummy worm) which were a big hit- check out for recipe. 

FAVORS: When the kids left I gave them a small goodie bag with gum in a lady bug box bug stickers bug erasers a mini fruit roll up and a balloon that males noise all tied with bug ribbons- most of the items coming from either Oriental Trading Company or a craft store like Michaels or Joanne's.    This party was a bug success both for my daughter and for the kids how had a great time!! I kept hearing from parents and kids as well as my daughter and family how great the party was!!"

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