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Cute As Can BEE -1yr- Bee Hive Dcorations



June 2012


Julie in Frankfort, KY USA

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Bug Birthday Party

Invitation : I had some postcard sized pieces of cardstock in yellow, and purchased a few pieces of scrapbook paper in black with white polka dots and pink with little swirls made with dashes.  I drew a picture of a baby wearing a black and yellow striped shirt with a pink one, black and white polka dotted tutu and little antennae with a pink bow, and scanned it to the computer.  They read Sammey is Going to BEE One!  And the party details.  I put a strip of the polka dot paper across the top and pink swirl paper across the bottom of the yellow postcard, with the picture and lettering printed out in the middle.  For the thank you cards I used white cards from the Dollar Tree and cut yellow cardstock to cover them, made two strips of the black and white polka dot paper to glue across it to resemble stripes, then put an oval cut photo of my daughter in a pretty dress holding a plush bumblebee. 

Decorations : I purchased some yellow paper globes and had my older kids draw some cute bumblebees to stick on them to make beehives.  I used black with white polka dot balloons and yellow balloons which I attached black streamer stripes to and drew little bumblebee faces on them.  Using black and yellow streamers with the balloons definitely added to the atmosphere.  My favorite was the photo garland.  I printed out 1 photo from each of my daughter’s 12 months and cut them out in a circle shape, backing them with the extra invitation paper and taping them to a yellow ribbon.  I printed out a sign to hang with it that read 12 Months of Our BEE-autiful Baby Girl! And added the same image of the birthday avatar from the invitation.  Attaching balloons at the drapes, it was pretty much the main attraction since my daughter was too young for games. 

Costumes : The birthday girl was outfitted in a cute yellow onesie from Cracker Barrel which read Cute as can and had a sweet bumblebee on it.  I paired this with a white tutu with black polka dots and had a friend make 4 matching hair bows for each of my daughters (Black and white polka dot ribbon, yellow gingham more slender ribbon and a bumblebee button in the middle) My older daughters had either a yellow or a black t shirt which I cut out a bumblebee out of yellow sticky back felt and attached along with a pink bow.  They were adorable. 

Party Snacks : Using canned cinnamon rolls, I broke off a small part of the outer ring to create two small wings, making them look like buzzing bees.  I also whisked some honey with the cream cheese drizzle.  I made a sign for these Honeybee Buns.  I made honey cupcakes with whipped honey butter cream which looked like grass and I added a little fondant bumblebee and a sign which read Honeycakes.  My friend had made a tall cone sucker tree covered in pink ribbon which I stuck cake pops that looked like bumblebees in and made a sign that read Beehive Pops.  I dipped pretzel rods in melted yellow chocolate and then drizzled stripes of regular chocolate over them to make Bee Stix.  There was also lemonade. 

Cake : For the cake I made a beehive shaped cake by stacking 2 nine inch honey cakes, 2 six inch honey cakes, and an inverted cupcake, then slathering them in whipped honey buttercream and covering with bright yellow fondant.  I used pink and orange and white flowers made from fondant to decorate it, along with little fondant bumblebees and additionally used swirled wire to make some of the bumblebees pop out of the cake.  Using pink circles with white letters, I spelled Sammey across the cake.  Piping green fondant along the bottom to look like grass, it was a cute and delicious cake and got a lot of compliments.  For the smash cake I used a six inch chocolate chip cake with yellow buttercream and pink buttercream along the edges.  I made a flat fondant smiling bumblebee with white wings and a pink bow.  It was totally cute and delicious- as my daughter ended up gingerly touching it but not feeding herself a single bite, haha.   

Favors : For favors I washed and saved baby food jars.  I painted the tops yellow and drew a smiley face on them.  Hot gluing black pipe cleaner and black pom poms on for antennae and adding a pink bow, they made cute bumblebee faces!  I layered yellow and black jelly beans inside to resemble stripes, and printed out Thanks for BEE-ing my friend!  Love Sammey on white paper, which I cut out to resemble wings and hot glued to the backs of the jars.  Actually not as time consuming as it sounds, start to finish this project took me maybe a half hour.  It was a very memorable party for my one year old (when she sees photos of it at least), and not too over the top as we only had ten or fifteen guests.  The treats were delicious and the favors almost as cute as my daughter ;)

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