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Panda & Fortune Cookies -3yr- Panda Face Painting



February 2012


Timarla in Pittsburg, CA 94565

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Chinese Culture Party

My daughter was turning three and we always do Big Birthday Parties. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she told me she wanted a Panda Party with Fortune Cookies. Of course the only Panda in stores was Kung Fu Panda and that was not quite the idea I had in mind. So I took to my creativity.

First thing was invites, I have a background with Photoshop so I made a really cool invite, it was black and white with Hints on Hot pink and orange, I glued the invites onto Black scrap booking paper found at Wal-Mart 1 pack of 30 sheets for 5  dollars. As a closure I printed 4x6 (4 to a page) Panda faces on pearl paper (You can do this at your local staples for 10 cents a page, ask for the special paper).  We added a pink tulle Bow to one ear centered with a rhinestone and googly eyes. I then used rubber cement to mount it to the outside of the invite, so it opened like a book. They were a hit!

Next was décor. I made 8x11 Fortune Cookies, and Panda faces also printed on the cardstock pearl paper at staples, I hung them to colored ribbons to hang from the ceiling. I made several panda posters that said Welcome to ______’s Party.  I also made giant fortune cookies with the paper coming out which read Thanks for coming to the party.

For the Goodie bags, I Used Solid colored paper handled bags found at Party city and stuck the same panda face from the invites onto the bag and then I made Fortune Cookie tags to hang from the handle and the papers read each Childs name. ( I left some blank for kids that tagged along or didn’t RSVP). I then went to and was bale to find all of the vacation bible school supplies on sale the theme was PANDA’s! I was able to get a 6ft tall panda cut out and the kids took pictures with it. I found Huge Panda balloons, bamboo stick instruments, panda stamps, stickers, and bracelets for the goody bags, masks for the kids to wear and some arts and crafts.

At the Party I had 3 craft stations:
1) One was sand art which took parent interaction, Id found panda shaped hanging necklaces on as well, and instead of sand we used candy (nerds) Of course the kids loved it!

2) Station two was coloring, Id made custom coloring books on MS word and each book cost no more than 50cents to make, Id purchased 3 big boxes of crayons at the local dollar tree and scattered them on the table.

3) Station three was spin art, each kid had a turn to make one piece of spin art, parents assisted with this as well.

We also had panda stencils for face painting which the kids loved.  Id also made a Pin the tail on the panda game which costs about 5 dollars also printed at staple, and we had a jumper!

For tables I used solid table cloths and for centerpieces I had Chinese take out boxes filled with felt fortune cookies I made, and on each side I used plastic panda plates found at dollar tree and had edible fortune cookies on them for snacks. The cake was amazing. It was a Panda Sitting next to a giant fortune cookie that Read _____’s 3rd Birthday.

For food we of course had Chinese food and chopsticks for all of the kids, which was really inexpensive, rice and chowmein actually go a long way. I also made custom water bottle labels, which was a hit as well (use any graphic or text you need, and get them printed at staples on the waterproof/tare proof paaper 8inches by 2 inches fits 5 to a page). 

Lastly was the Piñata which I had custom made at the local Mom and Pop party store I was able to give the colors I needed and the photo I wanted and it was great and it was huge, it cost the same as the ones that are tiny at party city!

All in all it was an amazing a party and the kids had a blast!  The kids were able to take the panda plates home as well as posters and décor, I still had plenty! I hope you find this helpful!

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