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Chinese Party -10yr- Chinese Spelling Game



April 2010


Kalia in Shakopee, MN USA

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Chinese Culture Party

Listed are what we did for my daughter's golden birthday (Age 10), for which she wanted a Chinese theme. 

OUTFIT - Being the birthday girl, she wore a blue Cheongsams" (Chinese outfit).  The rest of her party guests had the choice of wearing colors of Red Black and Gold.

HAIR - Curled and pinned up like Prom-hair.  We stuck two decorative chopsticks in her hair as well as with the other girls.  Some girls had their hair up in a bun with the chopsticks. 

SUPPLIES - From Party City I bought the following: Good Wish Table Cover Good Wish Napkins ordinary Red plastic cups (to save on money).  I did not do this but colored forks and spoons are sold at the Dollar Stores if you are on a budget.

DECORATIONS (Party City) - Three 16" Chinese Parolso Fan that we hung up a bag of Accordian dragons that we placed around the chandelier to make it look like they were flying Chinese Dragon Strings (you'll need tape) to decorate the walls and doors with. 

NOTE: When buying from Party City be careful as their items are for Chinese New Year. If this is for anything else make sure your items do not read "Happy New Year etc". 

CAKE - We ordered a special Chinese cake from a restaurant in Saint Paul MN.  It was beautiful and delicious.  The frosting is a whip-cream type (not too sweet) with fruit decorations.  The filling of the cake was also of fruits. 

GAMES - I created a Chinese Word Puzzle in MS Excel and limited the words due to some guests being younger.  Some words used were: Black Red Gold (all animals of the Chinese Zodiac) (my daughter's name) birthday Lantern etc. 

Chinese Writing/Character Sequence - I google translated the word "Happy Birthday" into Chinese and printed it out.  I then took colored markers and wrote each character on one piece of blank paper; using a different color for each character.  On the back of each paper I made up Chinese characters of my own.  I made two sets of this shuffling each set turning some upside down and mixing correct and wrong characters together. [How To Play] Two kids go against each other.  I held up my paper with the complete word "Happy Birthday (in Chinese)" so they can look.  Each have to try and put the Chinese characters in sequence as fast as they can.  Whoever finishes first with the correct spelling wins a prize. *This was a hit with the kids* 

Guess her Chinese Zodiac -  All kids line up and whisper in my ear what they think the birthday child's Chinese Zodiac is.  If they are wrong I had them go over to my left.  If they were correct I had them go to the right.  In the end all those who guessed correctly got a prize. 

PRIZES - I bought a bunch of random kids items from the dollar store; making sure to get enough for boys as well as girls.  Some items were: glow sticks glow bracelets puzzles head bands balls candies etc. 

TREAT BAGS (from Oriental Trading online) - Girl: Fans and decorative chopsticks / Boys: Chinese Yo-yo's / Universal(all): Chinese Zodiac Place Mats small Cup Parasol umbrellas.  I let each kid choose the color of Parasol they wanted.  "

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