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Nathan's Circus Party -1yr- Magician Entertainer



December 2007


Shanella in Santa Cruz, Aruba

Honorable Mention

Circus & Clown Party

For my only son's 1st birthday, we brain storm on what theme should we use, we wanted to have different theme, theme that can involve all the parents. That why we have chosen to plann
ed a Circus/Clown/Carnival party. This is a very uncommon party.

Since I could not get much decorations and or other material of this theme. I decided to invent my own things. I have purchased the puzzle invitation at oriental trading filling it as like this  the Nathan's circus show presents (party info) at the end "come and be a clown for a day. I took the puzzle apart in 4 pieces and put it in along with a party info brochure (in which had all the timeline of the party) I had a 5 hours of party. Also add a Cracker Jack bag even the parents told me that that creative that they were anxious to come to the party.

I had the party at my home I had a guy decorating my entire livingroom porch & backyard with carnival flags and we used like 1800 colored balloons big mylars balloons juggles the clown walker ballowns filled with helium. I used foam made "Juggles the clown" as part of my decoration and used a lot of cloths striped white & red all over the place. I have a 3 deck cake with clowns lying all over at the top there was the big tent. It cost me like $225. On the flooring in my living room we put down big foam puzzles the invites could have just walk on them (that was also to protect my carpeting).

The ceiling had been decorated with balloons in form of a circus tent. Entering the living was there a big curtain. Outside at the entrence was a ticket booth where the children under 12 got their ticket to play the carnival games. We invited 105 children and 98 did showed up there were like 300 people at the party.

Welcoming the Children at the entrence we had a stiltwalk dressed up and a clown giving a clown nose. Entering the porch there was e nice decoration with colored cloths with a real clown standing their where the children could have taken a picture with. (which they received before they left the party. My Husband Me and our sons were standing inside to meet the invited. Me and my husband were dressed a clown (bought from "I dig toys") and my son we had him dressed as a ringmaster(costume made). In the back yard it had been decorated as a real circus carnival. We rented 5 striped tents 9'x9' and a big tent.

The party all had been organized along with "Party Animals" organizers.  Under the tent there were games for children for all ages even the parents participate. Every child got their own price after they have finished playing the games. We had a bozo show which played games for the grown ups also there were prices like: gift certificate for pizza's and ticket to the circus "during this month the Circus Hermanos Suarez" was on the Island. We had a stand also for facepainting. We had 6 different snacks also we had like a real circus hotdogs hamburger popcorn ice cones & cotton candy.

Almost by the end we had a magician that entertained the childered for 1 hour all with lights and smoke effect. Even the grown ups were standing watching amazed. When the sun went down the clowns that we hired for the party (from party animals) hand out the glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets to everybody. We had a circus tent pinata filled with goodies. The clowns helped out with the handing out the party favors which we had a poporn bag (striped red & white) filled with animal cracker candies and jojo and jaxs and also they received an other star frosted bag (bought from Oriental trading) with juice chips cookies and a circus dvd that we have bought online.

Since my son started walking with his 10 month was easier to plan and to party because he participated and danced along with the children. We had a blast a the party everybody was satisfied happy they felt like it was like a real circus/carnival. We spent like $6500 to this party. We had great help from party animals which coordinated all the clowns stiltwalk magician and tent attendants. I took us 9 months of planning and gathering everything. I can't wait to start planning for the 2nd birthday."

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