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Little Chefs Party -8yr- Pizza & Cake



July 2000


Elizabeth in Dallas,Texas      USA

July 2000 Winner

Cooking Party

For my daughters 8th birthday party, we had a cooking feast

I sent out invitations that had huge chef's hat on it ,and when you opened it up it said join chef(Denise) in her first elegant cooking experience. At the bottom of the invitation was a picture of Denise wearing a cooking out-fit.

For the party, I had decorated the living room with small tables and chairs for the kids and decorated them real fancy, with candles and roses. I called a local bakery (Black Forest) and arranged to have to chefs come and teach the kids how to make a cake and how to put together their own pizza. My house is equipped with double ovens, so it was very easy. 

The kids did the pizza first. There were 16 kids each and they paired up in two's and created their own pizza and cake. When all the pizzas were done the guys put them all in the oven (8 pizzas) and the kids started making their cakes.. It was a real blast. The pizzas were ready before we knew it and some of the other moms helped move them into the living room while the chef's finished the caked with the kids.

While the cakes baked, The kids sat at the tables and enjoyed their elegant dinners that they had made.. They had so much fun. When they were finished eating we opened gifts and passed out the party bags. Inside each party bag was a chef’s hat, an apron with their names on it and a quote "mom's cooking helper", a cooking mitt some cookies that said Happy Birthday, and some candy (of course) and little puzzles and party noise makers. When the kids were all settles down, the chefs started removing the cakes from the ovens and were setting them out to cool.

While the cakes were cooling we went out-side where I had set up tables with art supplies on them. The kids took their seats and they brought their hats with them. The kids sat with each other and decorated their chef's hats with colorful paints and glitter and put their names on them. While they did all this the cakes had cooled and were ready to be decorated.

The chefs were getting things together and I brought out some paper and the kids wrote down a short message to put on their cake(each message was a message addressed to Denise). When we were all done the kids went in and took their paper with them, the chef's help them ice each cake and write their messages on the cakes, the left decorations to use on the cakes and they cleaned up some stuff and they left.

Each cake was read to Denise by the kids that made them and then the cakes were set on the dining room table. Each kid had made a different cake, some made chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla, white, lemon Etc. So I cut small pieces of each cake (there were 8) and put it on a plate for each kid and served them ice-cream and milk. They were so excited that they were eating each other's cakes and theirs. They were all complimenting each other.

When everyone was done eating, we had the kids did a little clean-up outside and we cleaned inside, when they came in they all go comfortable in the t.v. room and we gave them popcorn and coke and they watched "Wild  West". It was fun and ELEGANT!!

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